Distribution of chemicals

Bittering agent

Our company has continuously got stock of:


We can deliver the following dyes from stock:

Speciality chemicals for the paint industry

Our company represents Worlée Chemie in Hungary, producer of high quality raw-material for the paint industry. In addition we also sell the trading products of Worlée in Hungary.
  • Binders for water-, solvent-based and solvent-free systems
  • Siccatives, additives
  • Pigments
  • Functional fillers
  • In-plant tinting pastes
For detailed information about the speciality chemicals of Worlée Chemie please click here.
We offer tinting solutions for tinting machines and in-plant tinting based on colour cards through the products and technology of our principals CEAC AG and BCO Technology GmbH as well connected services (tinting machines, software, colour cards, preparation of tinting database). For detailed information please click here.

Chemicals delivered from our stock

We deliver industrial chemicals from our stock. For the detailed stocklist please click here.

Surplus chemicals

We offer chemicals in our surplus chemicals offer for almost all industries. In order to browse our current surplus offers please click here.
You may also have chemicals on stock being surplus or obsolete please offer to us! Through our wide customers base and partners having similar activities in other countries gives a good chance to sell these stocks. Choose the recycling instead of incineration! Offer your surplus chemicals to us!