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TintMaster 300 fully automatic dispenser

Tintmaster 300 is an entry model for sequential dispensing and especially designed for small to medium retail operations with limited floor space available. It features our well-known piston pump system (50ml/stroke), centralized automatic bottom stirring and a spyglass to see a board message. The dispenser is equipped with 12 to 24 molded polymeric easy click canisters of 1.75 and 3.5 liter. Available as bench top or floor model with manual can shelf or adjustable can table. The new improved manual punch and heating set for high viscosity colorants are optional. It is possible to equip the TM 300 paint dispenser with angled nozzles®; an even better solution to the new critical non VOC colorant systems.
Description TM300
Model type Benchtop or floor model
Dispensing Sequential (the colorants one by one)
Canisters/td> Moulded polymeric, easy click, equipped with stirrer
Number of canisters 12/14/16/18/20/24
Canisters' volume 1,75 / 3,5 litres
Pumps Piston pumps
Pumps' volume 50 ml (1,64 fl. ounces)
Flow rate 0,4 litre/min*
Minimum dispensing 0,077 ml (1/384 uncia)*
Accuracy 0,005 ml/step
Valves Moulded polymeric
Nozzles and Cleaning
Nozzle closures Integrated
Cleaning system Brush
Can table
Maximum can height 45 cm on floor model
25 cm on benchtop model
Can table depth 25 cm
Can detector Standard on floor model
Stirring timer Standard
Heating set option Only for floor model with can table
Manual punch 46 mm Option only for floor model
Adjustable can table Option only for floor model
Monitor and keyboard arm Optional
Dispenser dimensions H=156cm x W=80cm x D=99cm
Width with monitor and keyboard arm 120 cm
Power supply 230 V ±10% 50/60 Hz
110 V ±10% 50/60 Hz
Software PrismaPro2 (optional)
* Smallest dispense amount, repeatability ande pump speed are dependent on colorant properties (i.e. viscosity and density)

Documents to view/download

TM300 Brochure
TM300 user's manual
TM300 spare parts book
TM300 recommended spare parts
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