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GA 350 Semi-Automatic Mixer

The GA 350 Semi-Automatic Mixer features the latest technologies when it comes to safety and ergonomics, including built-in safety mechanisms and clever operating designs for easier use. What’s more, it is fast, built to last, requires little maintenance, and therefore reduces your operating costs and increases profits. Prooved on 60000 heavy can cycles test. Manual clamping - no electronics that may fail. Self homing cradle. 100% extractable can table. Large clamping handles placed in front in order to ease of access. Clear operating panel including 3 speeds (up to 230 rpm). Safety door lock and ejector pin of the canplate makes absolute safety of operation. Automatic speed limit. Optimal clamping pressure easy to reach. CE certified.

GA 480 Automatic Mixer

The Galileo GA480 Automatic Mixer provides faster mixing with one button operation. Intelligent mixing with can height detection, power check, auto-set variable speed and mixing time. The fully extractable can plate is textured with a diamond structure and features the highest clamping speed on the market. This feature makes possible to mix oval cans as well as standard cans and can mix multiple cans at the same time within the weight limit of 40 kg. The can height to be mixed can vary between 7 - 49 cm and the machine always mixes at the right speed (110 - 230 rpm) thanks to can height detection. The mixer equipped with dynamic balance that provides very high stability at high speed mixing even at 230 rpm. Improved service features supported with connectivity to computer via USB port.
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