CEAC AG Versacol® ED
Versacol® ED are water-based, binder-, solvent- (VOC) and nonylphenol-etoxylate (APEO) free, environment friendly tinting pastes for in-plant coloration of decoratíve water-based emulsion paints and enamels.
Versacol® ED specific selection of colorants provides a very efficient and economical compact colour system with unlimited possibilities of shades.
Versacol® ED have pourable and pumpable consistency are ideally designed for ready-mix colours for in plant tinting. They are miscible in all proportions with each other. The tinting pastes can be added by weight or by volume as well due to the standardisation process we make during production. Drying and deposition of Versacol® ED pastes are low, they can be dosed very precisely.

Main application areas

  • Water-based emulsion paints
  • Water-based enamels

Versacol® ED tinting pastes

Colorant code Colour index Pigment type Pigment % Density Weather fastness Light fastness
S-MT 1/25 S-MT 1/25
Versacol® ED 2GX
PY74 Monoazo Yellow 48 1,22 4-5 3-4 7-8 7-8
Versacol® ED 2G
PO5 Naphthol Orange 45 1,10 3-4 3 6-7 5-6
Versacol® ED G131
PO13 Disazo Orange 45 1,15 4-5 4 6-7 6-7
Versacol® ED FGR
PR112 Naphthol AS Red 47 1,10 4 3 7-8 6-7
Versacol® ED E
PR122 Quinacridone 32 1,15 4 4-5 7-8 8
Versacol® ED RL
PV23 Dioxazine 25 1,10 4-5 4 8 7-8
Oxide Yellow
Versacol® ED OY
PY42 Iron Oxide Yellow 64 1,75 5 5 8 8
Oxide Red
Versacol® ED ORB
PR101 Iron Oxide Red 65 1,75 5 5 8 8
Versacol® ED BG
PB15:3 Cu Phthalocianine Blue 43 1,00 5 5 8 8
Versacol® ED GX
PG7 Cu Phthalocianine Green 47 1,10 5 5 8 8
Oxide Green
Versacol® ED OG
PG17 Chrome Oxide Green 65 1,90 5 5 8 8
Versacol® ED B
PBk7 Carbon Black 42 1,15 5 5 8 8
Oxide White
Versacol® ED TD
PW6 TiO2 Rutile 65 2,00 5 5 8 8
The weathering fastness tests have been carried out in a film forming resin system (PVC:40%). Assessment after 12 months open-air weathering (Mediterranean climate) compared with the 5-level ISO 'GreyScale for Assessing Change in Colour', for semi-mass tone and a 1/25 standard depth.
The light fastness tests have been carried out exposing sample for 1000 h with Atlas Weather-O-Meter 600 WRC in a film forming resin system (PVC:40%). Assessment after the test made with comparision of the 8-level ISO 'BlueScale for Assessing Change in Colour' (DIN 54003), for the semi-mass tone and a 1/25 standard depth.
In order to meet also all market requirements in terms of quality, each customer can build up his own In Plant Tinting system by adding to Versacol® ED other colorants which are produced by CEAC AG in other ranges such as Versacol® DC, Versacol® TM and Versacol® HP.
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