Versacol® HP CEAC AG

Versacol® HP High Performance tinting system

Versacol® HP is a new generation of decorative exterior & façade colorants specially designed for outdoor exposure responding to the latest increasing demands for siloxane, silicone & silicate based systems as well as cement containing systems.
Versacol® HP are APEO (Alkyl Phenyl Ethoxylate) and VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) free pigment preparations of pourable and pumpable consistency based on copolymer and polymeric dispersing agents and fullfils the requirements in accordance with latest EU VOC & Ecolabel directives.
Versacol® HP are resitant to drying out and suitable to be used either for In Plant Tinting or for Dosing dispensers. The composition and manufacturing of each product allow them to be miscile in all proportions with each other and to be used either by unit of weight or by unit of volume.

Versacol® HP are newest generation tinting pastes!

  • VOC- and APEO-free universal tinting pastes - do not require any labelling
  • Environmentally friendly pigment pastes made with highly biodegradable surface-active agents
  • High pigment concentration with excellent flow properties and pumpability.
  • Free from glycolethers but premium drying properties.
  • A very efficient pigment selection makes easily to reproduce the popular colours in the decorative paint market.
  • Dosing possible by weight and volume as well.

Main application area

  • Emulsion paints
  • Plasters
  • Silicone paints and plasters
  • Silicate paints and plasters
  • Limewash paints and cement based systems
  • Alkyd paints
  • Nitrocellulosic paints (except for Versacol® HP ES Y74)
  • Woodstains
  • Polyurethane 1 - component
  • Polyurethane 2 - component (pre-trials for addition over 2%)
  • Epoxy resin paints (except for Versacol® HP ES Y74)
  • Unsaturated polyester paints
  • Water borne industrial coatings

Very clear product codes to make your pigment selection easier

EX Y54 Type: Exterior (Highly resistant organic pigments)
EX Y54 Colour: Yellow
EX Y54 Color index: PY154

Prefixes decoding:

EX = Exterior high fast organic pigments
FA = Inorganic pigments for Exterior Facade silicate - silicone based systems & Mortars
ES = Exterior Saturated or interior medium & pastel shades
IN = Interior use only

Versacol® HP standard tinting system for POS and in-plant

Versacol® Colour Pigment Pigment Density Light fastness Weather fastness
code index type % g/cm3 S-MT 1/25 S-MT 1/25
Versacol® HP EX Y54
PY154/PY155 Exterior Organic Yellow 40 1,17 5 4-5 8 8
Versacol® HP ES Y74
PY74 Ext. Staurated & Int. Organic Yellow 46 1,20 4 3 7 6-7
Versacol® HP EX O80
PR168/PY110 Exterior Organic Orange 40 1,19 5 5 8 8
Oxide Orange
Versacol® HP FA O16
PY216 Facade Inorganic Orange 65 1,91 5 5 8 8
Versacol® HP EX R54
Exterior Organic Red 35 1,20 5 4 8 8
Versacol® HP EX R22
PR122 Exterior Organic Magenta 30 1,12 4-5 4 8 7-8
Oxide Yellow
Versacol® HP FA Y42
PY42 Exterior & Facade Inorganic Yellow 62 1,69 5 5 8 8
Oxide Red
Versacol® HP FA R01
PR101 Exterior & Facade Inorganic Red 65 1,98 5 5 8 8
Versacol® HP EX B15
PB15:3 Exterior Organic Blue 45 1,20 5 5 8 8
Versacol® HP EX G07
PG7 Exterior Organic Green 45 1,29 5 5 8 8
Oxide White
Versacol® HP FA W06
PW6 Titanium Dioxide 70 2,08 5 5 8 8
Oxide Black
Versacol® HP FA B11
PBk11 Exterior & Facade Inorganic Black 50 1,38 5 5 8 8
Oxide Turquoise
Versacol® HP FA T36
PB36 Facade Inorganic Turquoise 62 1,56 5 5 8 8
Oxide Brown
Versacol® HP FA UBA
Inorganic mix Exterior & Facade Inorganic Brown 45 1,52 5 5 8 8
Versacol® HP FA V29
Inorganic mix Exterior & Facade Inorganic Violet 60 1,50 5-4 5-4 8 8
Oxide Yellow
Versacol® HP FA Y84
PY184 Facade Inorganic Yellow 54 1,83 5 5 8 8

Versacol® HP specific supplement for exterior saturated, interior & outstanding exterior applications

Versacol® Colour Pigment Pigment Density Light fastness Weather fastness
code index type % g/cm3 S-MT 1/25 S-MT 1/25
Oxide Blue
Versacol® HP FA B28
PB28 Facade Inorganic Blue 60 1,74 5 5 8 8
Oxide Green
Versacol® HP FA G17
PG17 Exterior & Facade Inorganic Green 65 2,00 5 5 8 8
Versacol® HP EX R68
PR168 Exterior Organic Red-Scarlet 25 1,20 5 5 8 8
Versacol® HP EX B07
PBk7 Exterior & Interior Carbon Black 32 1,17 5 5 8 8
Versacol® HP IN R12
Interior Organic Red 45 1,19 4 3 7 5
Oxide Yellow TR
Versacol® DC Y42T
PY42 Transparent Iron oxide Yellow 20 1,2 5 5 8 8
Oxide Red TR
Versacol® DC R01T
PR101 Transparent Iron oxide Red 25 1,27 5 5 8 8
The weathering fastness tests have been carried out in a film forming resin system. Assessment after 12 months open-air weathering (Mediterranean climate) compared with the 5-level ISO GreyScale for Assessing Change in Colour, for semi-mass tone and a 1/25 standard depth.
The light fastness tests have been carried out exposing sample for 1000 h with Atlas Weather-O-Meter 600 WRC in a film forming resin system (PVC:40%). Assessment after the test made with comparision of the 8-level ISO 'BlueScale for Assessing Change in Colour' (DIN 54003), for the semi-mass tone and a 1/25 standard depth.

Versacol® HP configurations and available colour card shades

Configuration Colour Harmony® colour card Ecosystem® colour card Colorex colour card Harmony Synthesis® colour card Harmony Deco® colour card RAL colour card NCS® colour card
Colour Harmony Ecosystem Colorex Harmony Synthesis Harmony Deco RAL Classic NCS
Versacol® HP C6 (facade mini) 198 shades, 100% not recommended not recommended n.a. n.a. not recommended n.a.
Versacol® HP C8 (exterior eco) not recommended 240 shades, 100% not recommended n.a. n.a. n.a. n.a.
Versacol® HP C10 (facade midi) 198 shades, 100% not recommended 835 shades, 100% 873 shades, 85% 737 shades, 82% 128 shades, 68% 1461 shades, 75%
Versacol® HP C16 (exterior max) 198 shades, 100% 240 shades, 100% 835 shades, 100% 1029 shades, 100% 900 shades, 100% 180 shades, 96% 1940 shades, 99%
In order to choose the optimum tinting paste configuration please contact our colorist.
Silicate, lime and cement containing systems require FA type tinting pastes because of the high pH! We also recommend to use the same selection for silicone modified resin systems due to the high permeability of the film significantly decreases the fastness properties of the pigments.
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