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NrProduct NameCAS NrkgProducerColour IndexType
276781,3-HEXAFLUORO-m-XYLENE402-31-31869.0Intermediatecode: 27678 name: 1,3-hexafluoro-m-xylene 1,3-hexafluor-m-xilol synonyms: 1,3 -bis-trifluoromethyl benzene; 1,3-bis(trifluoromethyl)benzene; 1,3-di(trifluoromethyl)benzene; 3,5-bis(trifluoromethyl)benzene; 3-(trifluoromethyl)benzotrifluoride; a,a,a,a',a',a'-hexafluoro-m-xylene; m-(trifluoromethyl)benzotrifluoride; m-bis(trifluoromethyl)benzene; m-xylene,a,a,a,a',a',a'-hexafluoro-; nsc 10342; srs 500 description: cas: 402-31-3 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 206-939-4 producer: type: intermediate group: organic chemicals industry: pharmaceutical industry chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper
281612-(DIMETHYLAMINO)ETHYL METHACRYLATE2867-47-29900.0Monomercode: 28161 name: 2-(dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate 2-(dimetilamino)etil-metakrilát synonyms: (2-methacryloyloxyethyl)dimethylamine; (dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate; 2-(n,n-dimethylamino)ethyl methacrylate; acryester dm; ageflex fa 1; ageflex fm 1; ageflex fm 2; b-(n,n-dimethylamino)ethylmethacrylate; b-dimethylaminoethylmethacrylate; dimethyl[2-(methacryloyloxy)ethyl]amine; dm (methacrylate); ge 720; light ester dm; madam; methacryl ester dm; methacrylicacid, 2-(dimethylamino)ethyl ester; methacryloyloxyethyldimethylamine; mhoromer bm 601; n,n-dimethylaminoethyl methacrylate; n,n-dimethylethanolamine methacrylate; nsc20959 description: cas: 2867-47-2 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 220-688-8 producer: type: monomer group: organic chemicals industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives plastics & rubber
273622-CHLORO-4-((METHOXYPHENYL)ETHYNYL) PHENOL916502-26-6474.0Intermediatecode: 27362 name: 2-chloro-4-((methoxyphenyl)ethynyl) phenol 2-klór-4-((metoxifenil)etinil) fenol synonyms: description: cas: 916502-26-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: type: intermediate group: organic chemicals industry: pharmaceutical industry
291132-METHYL-1,3-PROPANDIOL2163-42-0370.0Intermediatecode: 29113 name: 2-methyl-1,3-propandiol 4-metil-1,3-propándiol synonyms: description: cas: 2163-42-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 412-350-5 producer: type: intermediate group: organic chemicals industry: pharmaceutical industry chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper
184002-TRIFLUOROMETHYL-BENZOYL CHLORIDE312-94-742500.0MiteniIntermediatecode: 18400 name: 2-trifluoromethyl-benzoyl chloride 2-trifluormethyl-benzoylchlorid 2-trifluormetil-benzoil-klorid synonyms: alpha,alpha,alpha-trifluoro-o-toluoyl chloride; 2-trifluoromethyl benzoyl chloride; o-trifluoromethylbenzoyl chloride; o-trifluoromethyl benzoylchloride; 2-trifluoromethylbenzoyl chloride; 2-trifluoromethylphenylformyl chloride; 2-trifluormethyl-benzoylchlorid description: cas: 312-94-7 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 206-233-6 producer: miteni type: intermediate group: organic chemicals industry: food, beverages & pharma chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper
254243,5-DIMETHYLPYRAZOLE67-51-61500.0Wujin KangdaIntermediatecode: 25424 name: 3,5-dimethylpyrazole 3,5-dimethylpyrazol 3,5-dimetil-pirazol synonyms: 1h-3,5-dimethylpyrazole; 3,5-dimethyl-1h-pyrazole; nsc 8729; pyrazole,3,5-dimethyl-; th 564; trixene dp 8692; u 6245; 3,5-dimethylpyrazol description: intermediate for the manufacturing of organic pigments and dyestuffs; intermediate for the manufacturing of agriculture chemicals; other various applications. cas: 67-51-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 200-657-5 producer: wujin kangda type: intermediate group: organic chemicals industry: chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper
288933-(4-CHLOROBENZYLIDENE)PHTHALIDE20526-97-0200.0Vishwa-SyntharoIntermediatecode: 28893 name: 3-(4-chlorobenzylidene)phthalide 3-(4-klórbenzilidén)ftalid synonyms: 3-[(4-chlorophenyl)methylene]phthalide; description: c15h9clo2 cas: 20526-97-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 243-862-5 producer: vishwa-syntharo type: intermediate group: organic chemicals industry: chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper
263513M GLASS BUBBLES S38HS40.03MLight weight extendercode: 26351 name: 3m glass bubbles s38hs 3m glass bubbles s38hs synonyms: description: it has a typical density of 0.38 g/cc and an isostatic crush strength of 5,500 psi. these glass bubbles are designed for buoyancy and insulation in ultra-deep water applications in oil and gas drilling. the bubbles produce strong, stable voids and low thermal conductivity, helping coatings achieve the necessary compressive strength. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: 3m type: light weight extender group: extenders & functional fillers industry: oil & mining industry
263523M GLASS BUBBLES S60HS25.03MLight weight extendercode: 26352 name: 3m glass bubbles s60hs 3m glass bubbles s60hs synonyms: description: it has a density of 0.60 g/cc and an excellent isostatic crush strength of 18,000 psi, providing an additive with a superior strength-to-density ratio for use in injection molding extrusion and sheet molding compounds. they can reduce final part weight by 15% or more without compromising the mechanical integrity. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: 3m type: light weight extender group: extenders & functional fillers industry: plastics & rubber
293103M SRC-220 Stain Resistant Additive5310.03MStain inhibitorcode: 29310 name: 3m src-220 stain resistant additive 3m src-220 szennyeződés elleni adalék synonyms: description: aqueous-based fluorinated polyurethane dispersion (pud) which provides stain repellency and stain release characteristics for porous hard surfaces such as concrete, natural stone and grout. the product penetrates the substrate pores resulting in a low surface energy that makes it easier for fluids and stains to be removed. additionally, 3m stain resistant additive and sealer src-220 offers durability, long-lasting performance and uv resistance. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: 3m type: stain inhibitor group: additives industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
287435-AMINOSALICYLIC ACID89-57-61400.0Pharma active (API)code: 28743 name: 5-aminosalicylic acid 5-aminosalicylic acid synonyms: 2-hydroxy-5-aminobenzoic acid; 4-14-00-02058 (beilstein handbook reference); 5-amino salicylic acid; 5-amino-2-hydroxy-benzoate; 5-amino-2-hydroxy-benzoic acid; 5-amino-2-hydroxy-benzoic acid hydrochloride; 5-aminosalicyclic acid; 5-aminosalicylic acid (mesalazine); asacol; asacol (tn); benzoic acid, 5-amino-2-hydroxy-; benzoic acid, 5-amino-2-hydroxy-, hydrochloride; benzoic acid,5-amino-2-hydroxy-; canasa; claversal; m-aminosalicylic acid; malasazine; masalazine; mesalamine; mesalamine (usp); mesalamine [usan]; mesalazina [spanish]; mesalazine; mesalazine (jan); mesalazine5-aminosalicylic acid; mesalazinum [latin]; p-aminosalicylsaeure [german]; pentasa; pentasa (tn); rowasa; rowasa (tn); salofalk; sodium 5-amino-2-hydroxy-benzoate; sodium 5-aminosalicylate description: medication used to treat inflammatory bowel disease, including ulcerative colitis and crohn's disease. it is generally used for mildly to moderately severe disease. cas: 89-57-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 201-919-1 producer: type: pharma active (api) group: organic chemicals industry: pharmaceutical industry
28894AAKO TEC77-93-01150.0AakoAntioxidantcode: 28894 name: aako tec aako tec synonyms: 1,2,3-propanetricarboxylicacid, 2-hydroxy-, triethyl ester; 1,2,3-propanetricarboxylicacid, 2-hydroxy-, 1,2,3-triethyl ester; citric acid, triethyl ester; citroflex 2; citroflex c 2; citroflex ec; citroflex sc 60; citrofol a 1; citrofol ai; ethyl citrate; eudraflex; hydragen cat; morflex c 2; morflex tec; nsc 8907; e1505 description: inci: triethyl citrate. colorless and odorless, lipophilic liquid made from natural resources. it is an ideal addition in deodorant formulations because it inhibits the esterase based metabolism of sweat components which causes malodor. this active ingredient does not affect the natural skin flora. cas: 77-93-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 201-070-7 producer: aako type: antioxidant group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
28888ABIL B 8852100.0EvonikEmollientcode: 28888 name: abil b 8852 abil b 8852 synonyms: description: inci: peg/ppg-4/12 dimethicone. hydrophilic emollient, surfactant and re-fatting agent. it offers lipophilic character and improved wet & dry comb properties. abilŽ b 8852 is used in formulating shampoos, shower baths, face tonics, after shave formulations and deodorants. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: evonik type: emollient group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
28376ACEMATT HK 45060.0EvonikSilicacode: 28376 name: acematt hk 450 acematt hk 450 synonyms: description: untreated, coarse particle sized precipitated silica. it is especially recommended for coil coatings, as well as general industrial coatings. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: evonik type: silica group: extenders & functional fillers industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
21007ACETYL SALICYLIC ACID50-78-24200.0NovacylPharma active (API)code: 21007 name: acetyl salicylic acid acetil-szalicilsav synonyms: 2-(acetyloxy)benzoic acid; ac 5230; acetophen; acetyl salicylic acid; acetysal; acimetten; acisal; adiro; asaflow; asagran; asatard; ascoden 30; ascriptin; aspalon; aspirdrops; aspirin; aspirin protect 300; aspirin-direkt; aspro; aspropharm; astrix; benaspir; bialpirinia; caprin; coricidin d; dolean ph 8; easprin; ecotrin; endosprin; entericin; ewin; extren; gelprin; o-(acetyloxy)benzoic acid; rhodine; saletin; salicylic acid acetate; solpyron; supac; temperal; toldex; trombyl; yasta description: aspirin cas: 50-78-2 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 200-064-1 producer: novacyl type: pharma active (api) group: organic chemicals industry: pharmaceutical industry
17008ACID BLACK 22767939-06-475.0ABk227Dyecode: 17008 name: acid black 227 säure schwarz 227 savas fekete 227 synonyms: c.i. acid black 227; ostalan grey s-g; säure schwarz 227 description: acid black 227. cas: 67939-06-4, 121382-28-3 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 601-776-9 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
12993ACID BLUE 185, h.c.12234-64-9100.0AB185Dyecode: 12993 name: acid blue 185, h.c. säure blau 185, h.c. savas kék 185, h.c. synonyms: c.i. acid blue 185; acid blue m 5g; acid blue s 5bl; acid fast blue m 5g; acidol brilliant blue m 5g; anadurm turquoise m 3g; best acid turquoise blue 3g; cibacrolan blue 8g; coomassie turquoise 3g; coomassie turquoise blue 3g; säure blau 185, h.c. description: acid blue 185. cas: 12234-64-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 602-507-8 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
16158ACID BLUE 2K3861-73-2200.0BulcolorAB92, SB37Dyecode: 16158 name: acid blue 2k säure blau 2k savas kék 2k synonyms: c.i. acid blue 92; c.i. solvent blue 37; c.i. 13390; acid blue 2r; acid blue 92; acid blue a; acidblue gn; acid cyanine blue r; acid dark blue r; acid fast blue r; acid leather blue r; acid navy blue r; acid wool blue rl; acilan fast navy bluer; airedale blue rl; amacid fast blue r; ambicid blue r; anazolene sodium; apollo nylon fast blue 2r; benzyl blue r; benzyl fast blue r; best acid blue3r; best acid fast blue 3r; bucacid fast wool blue r; calcocid fast blue sr; caracid cyanine blue r conc pdr; cirene brilliant blue r; colacid blue a; colocid blue rl; colocid brilliant blue rl; colorosacid blue 2r; conacid blue nb; coomassie blue medicinal; coomassie blue rl; coriamin blue rb; covalene blue r; cyanine acid blue r; cyanine acid blue r new; dinalan coomassie blue 2r; dycosweak acid navy blue r; eniacid brilliant blue r; euromina blue cr; everacid blue 3r; everacid blue r; fabracid bluem-ra; fast acid blue rl; fast wool blue r; fenazo blue sr; hispacid fast bluer; kayanol navy blue r; kemacid sulphone blue r; lampronol blue br; luxol fast blue ar; luxol fast blue arn; medium blue embl; methasol blue rl; methasol bluerlx; nsc 47734; pontacyl fast blue r; ritacid blue sr; sakolan blue 2k; sandolan navy p-rl; sepisol fast blue arnf; simacid navy blue 24913; sodiumanazolene; sulfone acid blue r; sulfonine acid blue r; sulphon acid blue r; sulphon acid blue ra; sulphon acid blue ra extra; suminol fast navy blue r; sumitomo navy blue r; tertracid fast blue sr; triacid fast navyblue r; vicoacid blue 92; victacid blue; vondamol fast blue r; wool blue rl; wool fast blue r; trisodium 4'-anilino-8-hydroxy-1,1'-azonaphthalene-3,6,5'-trisulfonate; säure blau 2k description: acid blue 92 / ci 13390 single azo class. cas: 3861-73-2, 1324-97-6, 12226-74-3 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 223-378-0 producer: bulcolor type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather household & cosmetics
29228ACID FAST RED 3G 200%12217-34-427.5AR57Dyecode: 29228 name: acid fast red 3g 200% säure echtrot 3g 200% savas tartós vörös 3g 200% synonyms: c.i. acid red 57; c.i. 17053; acid red 3gx; acid rubine3gp; apollo nylon fast red l-bl; best acid light red 3b; chugacid rubinol 3ga; covanyl red 3gp; daedo acid red c-bl; dyacid red 3gp; eniacid red 3gp; eniamide red 1-3gl; euramina red 3g; hispalon red b 3b; intracid fast red 3gp; kenamide red g3b; lerui acid red 3gx; nylomine acid red b 3b; nylosan rede-bl; rifa acid fast red e-bl; simacid red 24897; tectilon red 3b; triacid fast rubinol 3gp; säure echtrot 3g 200% description: acid red 57 / ci 17053 single azo class. used for dyeing nylon fabrics and can also be used for leather coloring. cas: 12217-34-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 235-396-6 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
27123ACID FLAVIN N8G61968-07-85.0FortexAY184Dyecode: 27123 name: acid flavin n8g säure flavin n8g savas flavin n8g synonyms: c.i. acid yellow 184; acidol brilliant yellow 8g; aizen acid brilliant flavine fl; akacid flavine 8gn; anthosin yellow gx; best acid brilliant yellow 8gf; brilliant flavine fl; holacid brilliant yellow 8gx; kayanol brilliant flavine fl; kayanol brilliant flavine fl conc; novacid fluorescent yellow gx; nylosan brillant flavin e 8gl; nylosan brilliant flavine e 8gz; orcoacid brilliant flavine 8gn; ricoamide flavine 8gxn; sanolin flavine 8gz; triacid brilliant yellow 8gn; säure flavin n8g description: acid yellow 184. cas: 61968-07-8 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 612-840-0 producer: fortex type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
18138ACID GREEN 16, 200%12768-78-452.0AG16Dyecode: 18138 name: acid green 16, 200% säure grün 16, 200% savas zöld 16, 200% synonyms: c.i. acid green 16; c.i. 44025; acid green v; acid green v naphthaline; sodium 4-{[4-(diethylamino)phenyl][4-(diethyliminio)cyclohexa-2,5-dien-1-ylidene]methyl}naphthalene-2,7-disulfonate; borunil green a-fg; covalenebrilliant green g; daiwa green 70; dinacid green v; duasyn acid green v; dyacid green b; dycosacid green vs; erio green b; everlan greenev; hispacid brilliant green sa 2g; ichoacid green v; lecotan green j; libacid green lv; merantine green v; naphthalene green v; naphthalene green y; pacid green v; ratna acid green v; sandolanbrilliant green e-b; simacid acid green; säure grün 16, 200% description: acid green 16 / ci 44025. 1:1 metal complex dye for dyeing wool. cas: 12768-78-4, 8002-94-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 603-214-8 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
29236ACID GREEN 205850-39-51650.0AG20Dyecode: 29236 name: acid green 20 säure grün 20 savas zöld 20 synonyms: c.i. acid green 20; c.i. 20495; c.i. acid green 20, disodium salt; acid black g; acid black hg; acid dark green; acid dark green a; acid green n; acid green o; acid leather dark green g; acilan black green b; amido black green bd; amido black green b; anaracid dark green b; azo dark green a; azo dark green gc; azo dark green s; azo dermina green af; azodark green g; bestacid dark green a; bucacid dark green a; calcocid dark green bi; colacid green o; colocid dark green b; concorde leather green lad; covalene green ad; daedo acid dark green a; dark green b; dinacid dark green b; egacid black hg; eniacid dark green; eriosin dark green a; everlan dark green a; fabracid green s-jb; hispacid dark green b; indacid dark green b; kemacid green b; kiton black g; libacid green; multacid green b; multicuer green b; naphthalene dark green a; naphthol black green; naphthol green black b; naphtocard green b; nitraniline black; oxanal black g; pontacyl dark green g; pontacyl dark greenb; rifa acid dark green a; rifa leather dark green bl; simacid dark green; tertracid dark green a; tertracid green black b; triacid dark green b; vicoacid dark green b; victacid green; vilmacid green va; vondamol light black 8g; xylene dark green b; 2,7-naphthalenedisulfonicacid, 4-amino-3-[(4-aminophenyl)azo]-5-hydroxy-6-(phenylazo)-, disodium salt; säure grün 20 description: acid green 20 / ci 20495. acid dye for dyeing and printing of polyamide. cas: 5850-39-5, 84842-82-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 227-452-3 producer: type: dye group: pigments, dyes, extenders industry: textile & leather
23105ACID ORANGE 36373-74-68.0AO3Dyecode: 23105 name: acid orange 3 säure orange 3 savas narancs 3 synonyms: c.i. acid orange 3; c.i. 10385; acid fast yellow ag; acid fast yellow e 5r; acid leather light brown g; 2-anilino-5-(2,4-dinitroanilino)benzenesulfonic acid, monosodium salt; acid yellow e; airedale yellow e; amido yellow ea; amido yellow ea-cf; anthralan yellow rrt; ci no. 10385; coranil brown h eps; derma fur yellow rt; derma yellow p; dimacide yellow n-5rl; duasyn acid yellow rrt; elbenyl orange a-3rd; erio fast yellow ae; erio fast yellow aen; erio yellow aen; erionyl yellow e-aen; fast light yellow e; fenalan yellow e; heliacid light yellow 4r; intranyl orange t-4r; kiton fast yellow a; lanaperl yellow brown gt; light fast yellow es; lissamine fast yellow ae; lissamine fast yellow aes; lissamine yellow ae; multacid yellow 3r; multicuer brown mph; nailamide yellow brown e-l; nylocrom yellow 3r; nylomine acid yellow b-rd; nylosan yellow e-3r; polan yellow e-3r; sellacid yellow aen; sodium 4-(2,4-dinitroanilino)diphenylamine-2-sulfonate; solanile yellow e; sulfacid light yellow 5rl; superian yellow r; tectilon orange 3gt; tertracid light yellow 2r; unitertracid light yellow rr; vondacid fast yellow ae; vondacid light yellow ae; xylene fast yellow es; säure orange 3 description: acid orange 3 / ci 10385. dinitrodiphenylamine derivative. used for wool, silk, polyamide dyeing, and also in the textiles dyeing. mainly used for dyeing nylon, can be used separately, but also as a primary colors used to spell color. cas: 6373-74-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 228-921-5 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
6018ACID ORANGE G1936-15-820.0AO10, FO4Dyecode: 6018 name: acid orange g säure orange g savas narancs g synonyms: c.i. acid orange 10; c.i. food orange 4; c.i. 16230; acid orange 2gl; bucacid fast orange g; certicol orange gs; colacid orange g; colocid orange 2g; colorosacid orange 10; egacidorange gg; erio fast orange as; fast acid orange g; food orange gg; hexacol orange gg crystals; hispacid fast orange 2g; kemacid crystal orange g; keyacid orange 2g; kiton fast orange g; multacid orange 2g; naphthalene fast orange 2gs; neelicol orange g; orange bpc; orange g dye; orange gg; sandolan fast orange e-gl; solar light orange gx; tertracid light orange g; säure orange g description: acid orange 10 / ci 16230 single azo class. cas: 1936-15-8, 53988-80-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 217-705-6 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
5511ACID ORANGE II633-96-590.0AO7Dyecode: 5511 name: acid orange ii säure orange ii savas narancs ii synonyms: c.i. acid orange 7; c.i. 15510; acid orange a; benzenesulfonic acid, 4-[(2-hydroxy-1-naphthalenyl)azo]-,monosodium salt; benzenesulfonic acid, p-(2-hydroxy-1-naphthylazo)-, sodium salt; 11550orange; ao 7; acid leatherorange extra; acid orange ii; amacid orange y conc; btk orange ii; basacid orange 280; betanaphtholorange; borunil orange a 2r; bucacid orange a; c ext. orange8; calcocid orange y; certiqual orange ii; colocid orange ii; conacid orange l; covalene orange ii; curolorange; d and c orange 4 aluminum lake; daedo acid orange 2g; derma fur orange r 125; diacid orange ii; dyacid orange ii; dycosacid orange yellow ii; eniacid orangeii; erio orange ii; fenazo orange; japan orange 205; japan orange no. 205; java orange ii; kromon lake orange toner; lake orange a; libacid orange lii; lurazol orange e; multicuer orange ii; naphthalene orange g; naphthol redj; naphtocard orange ii; neklacid orange ii; no. 177 orangelake; nubilon orange r; orange 2; orange ii; säure orange ii description: acid orange 7 / ci 15510 / d&c orange 4. used also as a colorant for water based jet inks. cas: 633-96-5 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 211-199-0 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather household & cosmetics
28810ACID PINK 3850.0ARDyecode: 28810 name: acid pink 38 säure rosa 38 savas rózsaszín 38 synonyms: säure rosa 38 description: acid red dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
19188ACID RED 881658-56-6576.0AR88Dyecode: 19188 name: acid red 88 säure rot 88 savas vörös 88 synonyms: c.i. acid red 88; c.i. 15620; 4-(2-hydroxy-1-naphthylazo)-1-naphthalenesulfonic acid, sodium salt; fast red av; säure rot 88 description: acid red 88 / ci 15620 single azo class. cas: 1658-56-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 216-760-3 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
24516ACID RED 9218472-87-240.0AR92Dyecode: 24516 name: acid red 92 säure rot 92 savas vörös 92 synonyms: c.i. acid red 92; c.i. 45410; fluorescein,2',4',5',7'-tetrabromo-4,5,6,7-tetrachloro-, disodium salt; phloxin b; spiro[isobenzofuran-1(3h),9'-[9h]xanthen]-3-one,2',4',5',7'-tetrabromo-4,5,6,7-tetrachloro-3',6'-dihydroxy-, disodium salt; 3427 veri pur pink; aizen acid phloxine pb; cyanosin; cyanosin (acid dye); cyanosin b; cyanosine; d and c red no. 28; c red 28; c red no. 28-38015; daiwa red 104wb; daiwa red45; dermaglo dg-r 428; disodium9-(3',4',5',6'-tetrachloro-o-carboxyphenyl)-6-hydroxy-6-hydroxy-2,4,5,7-tetrabromo-3-isoxanthone; eosin blue; eosin bluish; eosine blue; food redno. 104; japan red no. 104-1; phloxine b; phloxine b 38015; phloxine p; phyloxine b; red 104; triacid floxine 2g; säure rot 92 description: acid red 92 / ci 45410 / d&c red no. 28 xanthene class. cas: 18472-87-2, 12777-84-3, 37361-25-4, 51374-31-3, 157367-38-9, 198831-99-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 242-355-6 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
27133ACID RED BROWN V 120%70210-06-925.0AntaresAR119Dyecode: 27133 name: acid red brown v 120% säure rotbraun v 120% savas vörösbarna v 120% synonyms: c.i. acid red 119; c.i. 262085; acid red mvr; ambinyl red brown mv; anadurm maroon m-v; best acid milling red brown v; colomill maroonv; covalene maroon v; covanyl maroon fv; daedo acid red brown v; derma bordeauxv; derma bordeaux v 120; dermacid bordeaux v; dinacid maroon v; dynacid red 3b; erionyl red brown v; everlan bordeaux v; formo supra red fmc; hispalon bordeauxc-br; indacid milling maroon v; säure rotbraun v 120% description: acid red 119 / ci 262085 double azo class. cas: 70210-06-9, 12220-20-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 274-403-7 producer: antares type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26829ACID SCARLET 3RL2611-82-7180.0AR18, FR7Dyecode: 26829 name: acid scarlet 3rl säure scharlach 3rl savas skarlátvörös 3rl synonyms: c.i. acid red 18; c.i. food red 7; c.i. 16255; 1578 red; acid scarlet 3r; acid scarlet 3rz; acid scarlet 4r; acilan scarlet v3r; aizen food red 102; atul acid scarlet 3r; atul scarlet f; brilliant ponceau 3rf; brilliant ponceau 4rc specially pure; brilliant scarlet 3r; brilliant scarlet 5r; certicol ponceau 4rs; cochineal red 4r; conacert ponceau 4r; curol bright red 4r; daiwa new coccine; devar ponceau 4r; dycosedible edible ponceau; eurocert ponceau 4r; eurogran ponceau 4r; fenazo scarlet 3r; food red 102; food red 6; food red 7; food red no. 102; hd ponceau 4r; hd ponceau 4r supra; hexacol ponceau 4r; naphthalene scarlet 4rs; neelicol ponceau 4r; ponceau 4r; ponceau 4r 36002; ponceau 4r 36019; ponceau 4r 36029; ponceau 4r 90142; ponceau 4r aluminum lake; ponceau 4r e124; ponceau 4r supra; ponceau 4re; ponceau 4rt; ponseu 4 r; raincol ponceau 4r; san-ei brilliant scarlet 3r; san-ei gen food red no.102; sicovit cochineal red 70 e124; sipalim red e124; solagen brilliant ponceau 4r; sx purple; symulon acid brilliant scarlet 3r; victoria scarlet 3r; vitasyn ponceau 4rc 82; water scarlet 176557; trisodium 1-(1-naphthylazo)-2-hydroxynaphthalene-4',6,8-trisulphonate; säure scharlach 3rl description: acid red 18 / ci 16255 single azo class. cas: 2611-82-7, 11138-24-2, 12000-58-7, 39470-82-1, 39471-00-6, 51811-48-4, 161628-34-8, 247151-36-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 220-036-2 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
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