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Last modified: 2019 Dec 09.
NrProduct NameCAS NrkgProducerColour IndexType
26963BASONAT DS 3582 X305.0BASFCrosslinker
26961BASONAT HW 4155 P11880.0BASFIsocyanate resin
26964BUTONAL 4326 X8343.0BASFStyrene-isoprene/butadiene
26965BUTONAL NS 1751520.0BASFStyrene-isoprene/butadiene
26966BUTONAL NS 1987600.0BASFStyrene-isoprene/butadiene
26967BUTONAL NX 41901900.0BASFStyrene-isoprene/butadiene
25550COLANYL BLUE B2G 500147-14-8223.0ClariantPB15:3Pigment paste
26953COLANYL OXIDE RED B 510 VP 607877355.0ClariantPigment paste
26362COLANYL PINK E 531 VP 5274980-26-7192.0ClariantPR122Pigment paste
26954COSMENYL BLACK N VP 61041333-86-43105.0ClariantPBk7Pigment preparation
26968DESMODUR RC3600.0CovestroIsocyanate resin
26955DISPELAIR CF 246140.0BlackburnDefoamer
26479DUASYN BLACK M-DL liquid3000.0ClariantDye
24889EBOTEC MT 15 SF1680.0TroyBiocide
26969EVERNOX 10 GF6683-19-85980.0EverspringAntioxidant
26970EVERNOX 10 powder6683-19-84100.0EverspringAntioxidant
7079EXXAL 1368526-86-3764.0ExxonMobilSolvent
26962HIKOTACK P-1502750.0KolonHydrocarbon resin
23689HOSTATINT OXIDE YELLOW BV 530 VP 535214059-33-744.0ClariantPY184Pigment paste
23690HOSTATINT RED FGR 530 VP 54096535-46-210.0ClariantPR112Pigment paste
26956HOSTATINT RED VIOLET A-ER 130 VP 53641047-16-1689.0ClariantPV19Pigment paste
26959KROMA RED IRON OXIDE RO-40971309-37-1998.0ElementisPR101Pigment
26957LICOWAX EC 25 TP68476-04-0180.0ClariantWax
22534LOXANOL MI 66653000.0BASFDispersing resin
2060NOVATA B PH67701-26-210220.0BASFConsistency factor
26958NOVOPERM YELLOW M2R 7136888-99-0200.0ClariantPY139Pigment
26971SANOLIN CYAN FRL 10 liquid940.0ClariantDrB199Dye
17179SAVINYL FIRE RED 3GLS12239-74-630.0ClariantSR124Dye
21427SILCARE SILICONE SEA7325.0ClariantSelf emulsifying base
3012TRILON M liquid164462-16-29816.0BASFChelating agent
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