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Last modified: 2020 Jan 20.
NrProduct NameCAS NrkgProducerColour IndexType
20684ACRONAL DS 62662000.0BASFAcrylic resin
27015ARADUR HZ 8279 Z40902.0HuntsmanBinder
27016BARIUM TITANATE12047-27-759.0Atlantic Equipment
27018CHS-EPOXY 56012269.0SpolchemieEpoxy
27019D.E.R. 560400.0OlinEpoxy
27020D.E.R. 592-A804240.0OlinEpoxy
23414DIACETONE ALCOHOL123-42-210140.0PrasolSolvent
7052DISFLAMOLL DPK26444-49-53929.0LanxessPlasticizer
27021DUREZ 330912282.0SBHPPPhenolic resin
27025IDB-PHORETAR-312759.0VelchemFlame retardant
20874JONCRYL 6611000.0BASFAcrylic resin
27022LEAD CYANAMIDE P20837-86-91550.0Kikuchi Color
27023MIRRORSTOP 20020654-08-4+ 1314-13-28775.0WayneAnticorrosive pigment
27024NIPOL 1472X320.0ZeonBinder
27017LEAD MINIUM HD1314-41-61050.0PenoxPR105Anticorrosive pigment
27026VYLON 200 T36000.0ToyoboPolyester resin
27027VYLON 670 T7000.0ToyoboPolyester resin
27028WACKER SILANE M2-DIETHOXY78-62-68415.0Wacker
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