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Galileo 480 Automatic mixer

GA480 mixer
Galileo 480 Automatic Mixer takes automatic mixing to the next level. Its intelligent technology enables very fast, high-performance mixing using just one auto button that optimizes the speed and total mixing time. Combined with the improved clamping speed and Dynamic Balance stabilization technology, it’s intelligence makes the GA480 the fastest and smartest mixer on the market. The Dinamic Balance enables speed up to 230 rpm without significant vibration. It features a smooth start up to avoid the colorants to go into the rim, continue rpm & time regulation to secure maximum speed & shortest mixing-time. The GA480 varies the speed during the mixing cycle that shortens the mixing time. The can plates clamp quicker (50% quicker!) then earlier models both direction due to a direct cogweel drive. All these make GA480 the quickest and most intelligent mixer on the market. The USB connection on the machine serves an easy access for maintanance and programming the operator buttons. Reliability and user-friendliness that sets GA480 the new industry standard.
Description GA480
Mixing parameters
Maximum mixing weight/td> 40 kg
Minimum can height 80 mm
Maximum can height 400 mm
Can plate diameter 380 mm
Suitable for oval cans Yes
Mixing of multiply cans possible Yes
Dimensions (H x W x D) 101 x 82 x 81 cm
Machine weigth (empty) 240 kg
Clamping system Automatic
Door Rotating swing door to be mounted left or right
Sliding door is optional (please see the vieo on the bottom of the page)
Loading plate Fully extractable
Unloading Cradle stops automatically at unloading position
Control panel AUTO button, graphical display, easily re-programmable
Mixing speed between 230 and 100 rpm (inclined line)
Accessibility Removable bonnet top cover
Removable back panel with one triangle key only
Serviceability Splash guards to protect from paint spillage
Replaceable rubber on bottom clamp plate
USB port on the outside
Via display and/or FFM maintenance software
Stands Wheels and feet at bottom
Power supply 230V 50/60 Hz
Standard removeable net entry at the back
750 W AC brushless ABB motor
Power switch at the side

Documenmts to view/download for Galileo 480

GA 480 brochure
GA 480 brochure
GA480 user's manual
GA480 user's manual
GA480 spare parts book
GA480 spare parts book
GA480 recommended spare parts
GA480 recommended spare parts
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