Harmony Synthesis® colour card

Harmony Sythesis® colour card was developed by CEAC AG in order to give an attractive choice of shades for the paints and plasters sold on the decorative market including also mineral resin (silicate, lime) paints. The colour card has 6 sections:
Soft Gives a wide range of pastel shades
Bright Large selection of clean, vivid shades
Sunrise Middle clean shades in harmony with the previous section
Moon Light More shaded colours in harmony with the previous 2 sections
Natural Shaded colours in harmony with the previous 3 sections
Accent Strong, saturated shades mainly for enamels
The Harmony Sythesis® colour card has 250x55 mm pages, thickness of 40 mm. "Soft" section contains 23 pages with 3 shades on each, altogether 69 pastel colours, showing each shades in a 65x55 mm window. "Bright" - "Natural" sectoions show the shades on 30x55 mm area, 38 pages in each section, 6 shades on each pages, altogether 4x228=912 ones. "Accent" section has 6 pages showing 8 shades on each page, altogether 48 ones on an area of 20x55 mm each. The colour card has altogether 1029 shades. The shades follow each other in a logical order around the chromatic circle helping the user to select the requested shade easily The colour card gives a useful hand to select the harmonizing shades.
The shades shown on the colour card can be produced using our VERSACOL® TM, VERSACOL® DC and VERSACOL® HP tinting systems with 16 weather and light resistant tinting pastes. 690 shades can be produced using only 6 (+white) colorants based on inorganic pigments (FACADE) therefore these shades can be also produced in mineral resin systems.
OW1-A OW1-B OW1-C 1
OW2-A OW2-B OW2-C 2
OW3-A OW3-B OW3-C 3
OW4-A OW4-B OW4-C 4
OW5-A OW5-B OW5-C 5
OW6-A OW6-B OW6-C 6
OW7-A OW7-B OW7-C 7
OW8-A OW8-B OW8-C 8
OW9-A OW9-B OW9-C 9
OW10-A OW10-B OW10-C 10
OW11-A OW11-B OW11-C 11
OW12-A OW12-B OW12-C 12
OW13-A OW13-B OW13-C 13
OW14-A OW14-B OW14-C 14
OW15-A OW15-B OW15-C 15
OW16-A OW16-B OW16-C 16
OW17-A OW17-B OW17-C 17
OW18-A OW18-B OW18-C 18
OW19-A OW19-B OW19-C 19
OW20-A OW20-B OW20-C 20
OW21-A OW21-B OW21-C 21
OW22-A OW22-B OW22-C 22
OW23-A OW23-B OW23-C 23
A1-A A1-B A1-C A1-D A1-E A1-F 1
A2-A A2-B A2-C A2-D A2-E A2-F 2
A3-A A3-B A3-C A3-D A3-E A3-F 3
A4-A A4-B A4-C A4-D A4-E A4-F 4
A5-A A5-B A5-C A5-D A5-E A5-F 5
A6-A A6-B A6-C A6-D A6-E A6-F 6
A7-A A7-B A7-C A7-D A7-E A7-F 7
A8-A A8-B A8-C A8-D A8-E A8-F 8
A9-A A9-B A9-C A9-D A9-E A9-F 9
A10-A A10-B A10-C A10-D A10-E A10-F 10
A11-A A11-B A11-C A11-D A11-E A11-F 11
A12-A A12-B A12-C A12-D A12-E A12-F 12
A13-A A13-B A13-C A13-D A13-E A13-F 13
A14-A A14-B A14-C A14-D A14-E A14-F 14
A15-A A15-B A15-C A15-D A15-E A15-F 15
A16-A A16-B A16-C A16-D A16-E A16-F 16
A17-A A17-B A17-C A17-D A17-E A17-F 17
A18-A A18-B A18-C A18-D A18-E A18-F 18
A19-A A19-B A19-C A19-D A19-E A19-F 19
A20-A A20-B A20-C A20-D A20-E A20-F 20
A21-A A21-B A21-C A21-D A21-E A21-F 21
A22-A A22-B A22-C A22-D A22-E A22-F 22
A23-A A23-B A23-C A23-D A23-E A23-F 23
A24-A A24-B A24-C A24-D A24-E A24-F 24
A25-A A25-B A25-C A25-D A25-E A25-F 25
A26-A A26-B A26-C A26-D A26-E A26-F 26
A27-A A27-B A27-C A27-D A27-E A27-F 27
A28-A A28-B A28-C A28-D A28-E A28-F 28
A29-A A29-B A29-C A29-D A29-E A29-F 29
A30-A A30-B A30-C A30-D A30-E A30-F 30
A31-A A31-B A31-C A31-D A31-E A31-F 31
A32-A A32-B A32-C A32-D A32-E A32-F 32
A33-A A33-B A33-C A33-D A33-E A33-F 33
A34-A A34-B A34-C A34-D A34-E A34-F 34
A35-A A35-B A35-C A35-D A35-E A35-F 35
A36-A A36-B A36-C A36-D A36-E A36-F 36
A37-A A37-B A37-C A37-D A37-E A37-F 37
A38-A A38-B A38-C A38-D A38-E A38-F 38
B1-A B1-B B1-C B1-D B1-E B1-F 1
B2-A B2-B B2-C B2-D B2-E B2-F 2
B3-A B3-B B3-C B3-D B3-E B3-F 3
B4-A B4-B B4-C B4-D B4-E B4-F 4
B5-A B5-B B5-C B5-D B5-E B5-F 5
B6-A B6-B B6-C B6-D B6-E B6-F 6
B7-A B7-B B7-C B7-D B7-E B7-F 7
B8-A B8-B B8-C B8-D B8-E B8-F 8
B9-A B9-B B9-C B9-D B9-E B9-F 9
B10-A B10-B B10-C B10-D B10-E B10-F 10
B11-A B11-B B11-C B11-D B11-E B11-F 11
B12-A B12-B B12-C B12-D B12-E B12-F 12
B13-A B13-B B13-C B13-D B13-E B13-F 13
B14-A B14-B B14-C B14-D B14-E B14-F 14
B15-A B15-B B15-C B15-D B15-E B15-F 15
B16-A B16-B B16-C B16-D B16-E B16-F 16
B17-A B17-B B17-C B17-D B17-E B17-F 17
B18-A B18-B B18-C B18-D B18-E B18-F 18
B19-A B19-B B19-C B19-D B19-E B19-F 19
B20-A B20-B B20-C B20-D B20-E B20-F 20
B21-A B21-B B21-C B21-D B21-E B21-F 21
B22-A B22-B B22-C B22-D B22-E B22-F 22
B23-A B23-B B23-C B23-D B23-E B23-F 23
B24-A B24-B B24-C B24-D B24-E B24-F 24
B25-A B25-B B25-C B25-D B25-E B25-F 25
B26-A B26-B B26-C B26-D B26-E B26-F 26
B27-A B27-B B27-C B27-D B27-E B27-F 27
B28-A B28-B B28-C B28-D B28-E B28-F 28
B29-A B29-B B29-C B29-D B29-E B29-F 29
B30-A B30-B B30-C B30-D B30-E B30-F 30
B31-A B31-B B31-C B31-D B31-E B31-F 31
B32-A B32-B B32-C B32-D B32-E B32-F 32
B33-A B33-B B33-C B33-D B33-E B33-F 33
B34-A B34-B B34-C B34-D B34-E B34-F 34
B35-A B35-B B35-C B35-D B35-E B35-F 35
B36-A B36-B B36-C B36-D B36-E B36-F 36
B37-A B37-B B37-C B37-D B37-E B37-F 37
B38-A B38-B B38-C B38-D B38-E B38-F 38
C1-A C1-B C1-C C1-D C1-E C1-F 1
C2-A C2-B C2-C C2-D C2-E C2-F 2
C3-A C3-B C3-C C3-D C3-E C3-F 3
C4-A C4-B C4-C C4-D C4-E C4-F 4
C5-A C5-B C5-C C5-D C5-E C5-F 5
C6-A C6-B C6-C C6-D C6-E C6-F 6
C7-A C7-B C7-C C7-D C7-E C7-F 7
C8-A C8-B C8-C C8-D C8-E C8-F 8
C9-A C9-B C9-C C9-D C9-E C9-F 9
C10-A C10-B C10-C C10-D C10-E C10-F 10
C11-A C11-B C11-C C11-D C11-E C11-F 11
C12-A C12-B C12-C C12-D C12-E C12-F 12
C13-A C13-B C13-C C13-D C13-E C13-F 13
C14-A C14-B C14-C C14-D C14-E C14-F 14
C15-A C15-B C15-C C15-D C15-E C15-F 15
C16-A C16-B C16-C C16-D C16-E C16-F 16
C17-A C17-B C17-C C17-D C17-E C17-F 17
C18-A C18-B C18-C C18-D C18-E C18-F 18
C19-A C19-B C19-C C19-D C19-E C19-F 19
C20-A C20-B C20-C C20-D C20-E C20-F 20
C21-A C21-B C21-C C21-D C21-E C21-F 21
C22-A C22-B C22-C C22-D C22-E C22-F 22
C23-A C23-B C23-C C23-D C23-E C23-F 23
C24-A C24-B C24-C C24-D C24-E C24-F 24
C25-A C25-B C25-C C25-D C25-E C25-F 25
C26-A C26-B C26-C C26-D C26-E C26-F 26
C27-A C27-B C27-C C27-D C27-E C27-F 27
C28-A C28-B C28-C C28-D C28-E C28-F 28
C29-A C29-B C29-C C29-D C29-E C29-F 29
C30-A C30-B C30-C C30-D C30-E C30-F 30
C31-A C31-B C31-C C31-D C31-E C31-F 31
C32-A C32-B C32-C C32-D C32-E C32-F 32
C33-A C33-B C33-C C33-D C33-E C33-F 33
C34-A C34-B C34-C C34-D C34-E C34-F 34
C35-A C35-B C35-C C35-D C35-E C35-F 35
C36-A C36-B C36-C C36-D C36-E C36-F 36
C37-A C37-B C37-C C37-D C37-E C37-F 37
C38-A C38-B C38-C C38-D C38-E C38-F 38
D1-A D1-B D1-C D1-D D1-E D1-F 1
D2-A D2-B D2-C D2-D D2-E D2-F 2
D3-A D3-B D3-C D3-D D3-E D3-F 3
D4-A D4-B D4-C D4-D D4-E D4-F 4
D5-A D5-B D5-C D5-D D5-E D5-F 5
D6-A D6-B D6-C D6-D D6-E D6-F 6
D7-A D7-B D7-C D7-D D7-E D7-F 7
D8-A D8-B D8-C D8-D D8-E D8-F 8
D9-A D9-B D9-C D9-D D9-E D9-F 9
D10-A D10-B D10-C D10-D D10-E D10-F 10
D11-A D11-B D11-C D11-D D11-E D11-F 11
D12-A D12-B D12-C D12-D D12-E D12-F 12
D13-A D13-B D13-C D13-D D13-E D13-F 13
D14-A D14-B D14-C D14-D D14-E D14-F 14
D15-A D15-B D15-C D15-D D15-E D15-F 15
D16-A D16-B D16-C D16-D D16-E D16-F 16
D17-A D17-B D17-C D17-D D17-E D17-F 17
D18-A D18-B D18-C D18-D D18-E D18-F 18
D19-A D19-B D19-C D19-D D19-E D19-F 19
D20-A D20-B D20-C D20-D D20-E D20-F 20
D21-A D21-B D21-C D21-D D21-E D21-F 21
D22-A D22-B D22-C D22-D D22-E D22-F 22
D23-A D23-B D23-C D23-D D23-E D23-F 23
D24-A D24-B D24-C D24-D D24-E D24-F 24
D25-A D25-B D25-C D25-D D25-E D25-F 25
D26-A D26-B D26-C D26-D D26-E D26-F 26
D27-A D27-B D27-C D27-D D27-E D27-F 27
D28-A D28-B D28-C D28-D D28-E D28-F 28
D29-A D29-B D29-C D29-D D29-E D29-F 29
D30-A D30-B D30-C D30-D D30-E D30-F 30
D31-A D31-B D31-C D31-D D31-E D31-F 31
D32-A D32-B D32-C D32-D D32-E D32-F 32
D33-A D33-B D33-C D33-D D33-E D33-F 33
D34-A D34-B D34-C D34-D D34-E D34-F 34
D35-A D35-B D35-C D35-D D35-E D35-F 35
D36-A D36-B D36-C D36-D D36-E D36-F 36
D37-A D37-B D37-C D37-D D37-E D37-F 37
D38-A D38-B D38-C D38-D D38-E D38-F 38
AC1-A AC1-B AC1-C AC1-D AC1-E AC1-F AC1-G AC1-H 1
AC2-A AC2-B AC2-C AC2-D AC2-E AC2-F AC2-G AC2-H 2
AC3-A AC3-B AC3-C AC3-D AC3-E AC3-F AC3-G AC3-H 3
AC4-A AC4-B AC4-C AC4-D AC4-E AC4-F AC4-G AC4-H 4
AC5-A AC5-B AC5-C AC5-D AC5-E AC5-F AC5-G AC5-H 5
AC6-A AC6-B AC6-C AC6-D AC6-E AC6-F AC6-G AC6-H 6
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