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NrProduct NameCAS NrkgProducerColour IndexType
26853ACETALDEHYDE75-07-0600.0Aldehydecode: 26853 name: acetaldehyde acetaldehyd acetaldehid synonyms: acetaldehyde; aceticaldehyde; ethanal; ethyl aldehyde; nsc 7594; acetaldehyd description: cas: 75-07-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 200-836-8 producer: type: aldehyde group: organic chemicals industry: chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper food, beverages & pharma
23133ACIDOL OLIVE M-BGL61814-51-550.0BASFAG104Dyecode: 23133 name: acidol olive m-bgl acidol oliv m-bgl acidol olív m-bgl synonyms: c.i. acid green 104; acidolive mbgl; rathidol olive m-bgl; ratna acid olive mbgl; triasolan olive bgl; acidol oliv m-bgl description: acid green 104. cas: 61814-51-5 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 612-457-9 producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26690AEMOIL M 3028042-47-58275.0AemedsaParaffin oilcode: 26690 name: aemoil m 302 aemoil m 302 synonyms: description: white mineral oil (ep, usp/nf, bp, fcc, fda) which after some adequate refine process that lacks aromatic hydrocarbons, as well as polynuclear and mononuclear hydrocarbons. the typical hydrocarbon composition of the white mineral oil is: paraffinics carbons 60/65%, naphtenics carbons 35/40%. cas: 8042-47-5 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 232-455-8 producer: aemedsa type: paraffin oil group: organic chemicals industry: food, beverages & pharma household & cosmetics
26765ACRYLIC BLUE GRL conc.12270-13-20.5BB41Dyecode: 26765 name: acrylic blue grl conc. acryl blau grl konz. akril kék grl konc. synonyms: c.i. basic blue 41; c.i. 11105; c.i. 11154; astrazon blue fggl; melacril blue grl; aizen cathilon blue grlh; maxilon blue grl; synacril blue g; deorlene fast blue rl; kayacryl blue grl; basacryl blue x 3gl; benzothiazolium,2-[[4-[ethyl(2-hydroxyethyl)- amino]phenyl]azo]-6-methoxy-3-methyl-,methyl sulfate (salt); crypur blue grl; anilan blue grl; diacryl blue grl-n; acryl blau grl konz. description: basic blue 41 / ci 11105 / ci 11154 single azo class. basic blue 41 / ci 11105 / ci 11154 single azo class. cas: 12270-13-2 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 235-546-0 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
23853AMBICRON VIOLET E2R 200%81-42-525.0Thai AmbicaDsV28Dyecode: 23853 name: ambicron violet e2r 200% ambicron violett e2r 200% ambicron ibolya e2r 200% synonyms: c.i. disperse violet 28; c.i. 61102; akasperse violet rl 200%; allilon violet 2re; ambicron violet e2r; artisil violet rl; balicron violet rl; begacron violet 2rl; chemilene violetrl; cibacet violet 2rb; concordacron violet rl; dianix brill violet b; disperse brilliant violet rl; disperse crimson e-rl; disperse violet; disperse violet 28 200/320%; disperse violet 2rb; disperse violet 2rl; disperse violet e-2rl; disperse violet rl; intrasperse violet 2rb; jaysol violet rs; kiwalon polyester violet 2re; orcocilacron violet wt; permasil 2rb liquid 20%; permasil red tint; permasil violet 28; permasil violet 2r 300%; permasil violet 2rb; permasil violet b; permasil violet rl; resolin violet rl; solvent violet 31; sumikaron violet e-2rl; terenix violet frl; violet 28 300% group; violet 2re; violet rl; 1,4-diamino-2,3-dichloro-9,10-anthraquinone; 2,3-dichloro-1,4-anthraquinonylenediamine; ambicron violett e2r 200% description: disperse violet 28 / ci 61102 anthraquinones class. disperse violet 28 / ci 61102 anthraquinones class. cas: 81-42-5 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 201-348-8 producer: thai ambica type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26691AROPOL S 604 TC13200.0AshlandUnsaturated polyester resincode: 26691 name: aropol s 604 tc aropol s 604 tc synonyms: description: low styrene content dcpd based polyester resin. the low styrene content means lowerstyrene emission especially in spray applications compared to standard resins. good glass fiber wet outproperties and surface cosmetics are characteristic for this resin. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: ashland type: unsaturated polyester resin group: binders industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives plastics & rubber
23998ASTRAZON PINK GTLN 200% micro12271-12-451.5DyStarBR18:1Dyecode: 23998 name: astrazon pink gtln 200% micro astrazon rosa gtln 200% mikro astrazon rózsaszín gtln 200% mikro synonyms: c.i. basic red 18:1; astrazonred gtln; maxilon red 2gl-n; nylomine basic red 2g; astrazon rosa gtln 200% mikro description: basic red 18:1. cas: 12271-12-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 602-888-0 producer: dystar type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
15270ASTRAZON YELLOW 5GL 200% micro83949-75-172.5DyStarBY51, BY65Dyecode: 15270 name: astrazon yellow 5gl 200% micro astrazon gelb 5gl 200% mikro astrazon sárga 5gl 200% mikro synonyms: c.i. basic yellow 51; c.i. basic yellow 65; c.i. 480538; acrylic yellow bn 200%; akoyl yellow 5gl 200%; apollo cationic yellow 3g; astrazon yellow 5gl; astrazon yellow 5gl 200%; basacryl yellow x-2gl; basic brilliant flavine 10gff 500%; basic yellow 51 400%; basic yellow 5gl 100%; basic yellow 65, methyl sulfate salt; cationic yellow 5gl; cationic yellow sd-5gl 100%; cationic yellow x-5gl; cationic yellow x-5gl; cationic yellow x-5gl 136%; catonic yellow sd-5gl; catonic yellow x-2g; catonic yellow x-5gl; classic basic yellow 51 100%; conbasic yellow ea; cylco bright yellow rpn liquid; diaciyl yellow 3g-n; diacryl yellow 3g-n; golden x-5gl; kayacryl yellow 3gs; kayacryl yellow 3gs-ed; kayacryl yellow gsled; maxilon yellow 5gl 300%; n-methyl-n-[(1,3,3-trimethylindol-2-yl)methylideneamino]aniline; permacryl yellow 51 100%; permacryl yellow 5gl; permacryl yellow rs 200%; rico basic yellow 3gn 200%; rico basic yellow 3gs-ed; rico basic yellow 3gs-ed; rifa cationic yellow 3gn; see 3h-indolium,1,3,3-trimethyl-2-[(methylphenylhydrazono) methyl]-,methyl sulfate; sulfonatooxymethane; taiacryl yellow 4gn-t 200%; triacryl yellow 3gn; yellow sd-5gl; yellow x-5gl; yogacryl yellow 5gl; yoracryl yellow 2gls 100% liq.; 1,3,3-trimethyl-2-((methylphenylhydrazono)methyl)-3h-indolium methyl sulphate; 3h-indolium, 1,3,3-trimethyl-2-((methylphenylhydrazono)methyl)-, methyl sulfate; 3h-indolium,1,3,3-trimethyl-2-[(methylphenylhydrazono) methyl]-,methyl sulfate; astrazon gelb 5gl 200% mikro description: basic yellow 51 / ci 480538 azomethine class. cas: 83949-75-1, 58799-08-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 281-435-5 producer: dystar type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26796AVITERA MAGENTA SE10.0HuntsmanRVDyecode: 26796 name: avitera magenta se avitera purpur se avitera bíbor se synonyms: avitera purpur se description: reactive violet dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26766AVITERA BLUE SE10.0HuntsmanRBDyecode: 26766 name: avitera blue se avitera blau se avitera kék se synonyms: avitera blau se description: reactive blue dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26755AVITERA ORANGE SE10.0HuntsmanRODyecode: 26755 name: avitera orange se avitera orange se avitera narancs se synonyms: avitera orange se description: reactive orange dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
15077AVITERA YELLOW SE11.0HuntsmanRYDyecode: 15077 name: avitera yellow se avitera gelb se avitera sárga se synonyms: avitera gelb se description: reactive yellow dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26767AVITERA DEEP BLUE SE10.0HuntsmanRBDyecode: 26767 name: avitera deep blue se avitera dunkelblau se avitera sötétkék se synonyms: avitera dunkelblau se description: reactive blue dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26805AVITERA NAVY SE19.0HuntsmanRBDyecode: 26805 name: avitera navy se avitera marine se avitera tengerészkék se synonyms: avitera marine se description: reactive navy dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26768AVITERA LIGHT BLUE SE5.0HuntsmanRBDyecode: 26768 name: avitera light blue se avitera lichtblau se avitera világoskék se synonyms: avitera lichtblau se description: reactive blue dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26816AVITERA LIGHT RED SE5.0HuntsmanRRDyecode: 26816 name: avitera light red se avitera lichtrot se avitera világosvörös se synonyms: avitera lichtrot se description: reactive red dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
15070AVITERA RED SE10.0HuntsmanRRDyecode: 15070 name: avitera red se avitera rot se avitera vörös se synonyms: avitera rot se description: reactive red dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
13366BASILEN BLACK F-B17095-24-813.0BASFRBk5Dyecode: 13366 name: basilen black f-b basilen schwarz f-b basilen fekete f-b synonyms: c.i. reactive black 5; c.i. 20505; active black b; activin black 4st; adizol black b; akreact black b; altafix black rb; amaryl black vbx; amaryl navy blue gx; ambifix black vb; apollofix black sf-gfc; apollofix black sf-gr; apollozol black b; apollozol black bg; assofix black b; basilen black f-b; basilen black f-df; begazol black b; bemactive black hb; benzasol black bc; benzasol black bc-sf; black 4st; black b; black b h/c; black kn-b; blackkn-b 100% group; britasol black b; burco reactive black b; celmazol black b; chemifix black vb; chromafix black b; cibacron marine w-b; cibacron navy dp-b; cibacron navy w-b; classic reactive black 5; conazol black b; conreact black e; cosmozol black b; cotfix black b; diamira black b; dinazol black b; drimarene black r-3b; dyactive black m b; dycosactive black kn-b; dyeazol black b; eniativo blackt-2b; everzol blackb; goldazol black b; harizol black 5; helaktyn black b; hostalan black ba; indocron black b; indofix black vbi; intracron black v-b; intracron black vs-b; isozol black b; itofix black vsb; jakazol black b; jupiter black b; kemazol black bcg; kemazol black bcr; kp zol black b; lamafix black b; levafix black e-b; libactive black lgr; libazol black lb; mohizol black b; monazol black b; mvactive black b; navictive black b; orco reactive black rb; ostatin black b; ostatinblack vb; ostazin black v-b; pamarrex black nb; permabril black 5 115%; permabril black b; permabril black b-ls; permabril black vs-b; pidictive black b; polkazol black b; primazine black bn; procion black e-b; radhazol black b; ratnazol black b; ravi reactive black b; reactive black 4bt; reactive black 4st; reactive black 5; reactive black b; reactive black kn-b; reactive black kn-g 2rc; reactive black kn-g2rc; reactive black knb; reactive black kngr; reactive black vb; reactive black vs-b; reactive dark blue b-bf; reactofix supra black hbl; reactron black b; remazol black b; remazol black b 133; remazol black b-id; remazol black gf; remazol black sb; rifazol black lb; rifazol blackb; rifazol blackb 150; rite reactive black b; sandalfix black b; saptactive black vb; serifix supra black hbl; simactive black 24856; sinarcion black vbb; siniactive black 24857; sumifix black b; sumifix black b 150% gran.; superzol black b; synozol black b; synozol black b 150; taifix black b-t; triactive black b; triazin black b; tulactiv black b conc.; ushatron black 5; vicozol black b; vilmafix black b-v; vivazol black b; yakecion black kn-b; youhaoreactive black k-nb; 2,7-naphthalenedisulfonic acid,4-amino-5-hydroxy-3,6-bis[[p-[(2-hydroxyethyl)sulfonyl]phenyl]azo]-,3,6-bis(hydrogen sulfate) (ester), tetrasodium salt; 2,7-naphthalenedisulfonicacid, 4-amino-5-hydroxy-3,6-bis[[4-[[2-(sulfooxy)ethyl]sulfonyl]phenyl]azo]-,tetrasodium salt; basilen schwarz f-b description: reactive black 5 / ci 20505 double azo class. cas: 17095-24-8, 12225-25-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 241-164-5 producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
7159BASILEN ORANGE E-RF2.0BASFRO109Dyecode: 7159 name: basilen orange e-rf basilen orange e-rf basilen narancs e-rf synonyms: c.i. reactive orange 109; hostalan orange e-gn; basilen orange e-rf description: reactive orange 109. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26798BASILEN YELLOW F-RL25664-81-789.0BASFRY15Dyecode: 26798 name: basilen yellow f-rl basilen gelb f-rl basilen sárga f-rl synonyms: c.i. reactive yellow 15; active yellow rgr; akreact yellow r-gr; assoflx yellow gr; benzactiv yellow v-gr 133; cavalite yellow gr; chromaflx yellow gr; diamira yellow gr; indofix yellow vgri; intracron yellow vs-gr; kemazol yellow gr; kp zol yellow grn; mohizol yellow gr; myactive yellow gr; orco reactive yellow rgr 110%; ostatin yellow vgr; ostazin yellow v-gr; primazin yellow grl; reactive yellow gr; reactive yellow kn-gr; reactofix supra yellow hgrl; reactron yellow gr; remazol yellow gr; rite reactive yellow gr 110%; sumifix yellow gr special; triactive yellow gr; basilen gelb f-rl description: reactive yellow 15 single azo class. cas: 25664-81-7, 12226-47-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 247-170-4 producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
7160BASILEN RED F-3BM93050-79-4103.0BASFRR195Dyecode: 7160 name: basilen red f-3bm basilen rot f-3bm basilen vörös f-3bm synonyms: c.i. reactive red 195; adifix red f3bl; akreact red hf2b; assofix supra red hfbb; chromazol red e-2b; cotfix red me3bl; dinafix red me3bl; evermax magenta sf-b; everzol supra brilliant red f2b; inactive red s-2b; indofix red me3bi; intracron red bf-2b; itofix brilliant red vm2b; jupiter red me4bl; kiscozol red hf-3b; monaryl red me3bl; pidictive red bf 194; ratnafix red me3bl; reactive brill. red m-2be; reactive brilliant red m-2b; reactive brilliant red m-2be; reactive red m-2bf; reactive red m-3be; reactive red me-4bl; reactive red me3bl; reactron supra red f2b; red f3bl; red m-2be; red me-3b; red me3bl; simactive red 24995; sumifix supra brilliant red 2bf; sumifix supra red 3bf; sunfix supra red s 3b-spe; synozol red hf-3b; vicoactive red me3bl; vilmafix red rr-2b; basilen rot f-3bm description: reactive red 195 single azo class. cas: 93050-79-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 618-900-2 producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
7161BASILEN RED F-RM116.0BASFRRDyecode: 7161 name: basilen red f-rm basilen rot f-rm basilen vörös f-rm synonyms: basilen rot f-rm description: reactive red dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26854BASONAT HW 3280 MBA9450.0BASFIsocyanate resincode: 26854 name: basonat hw 3280 mba basonat hw 3280 mba synonyms: description: hydrophilic-modified polyisocyanate based on hexamethylene diisocyanat (hdi) and isophorone diisocyanate (ipdi), 80% solution in 3 methoxy-1-butyl acetate (butoxyl). cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: isocyanate resin group: binders industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
25811BAYFERROX 31612227-89-3175.0LanxessPBk11Pigmentcode: 25811 name: bayferrox 316 bayferrox 316 synonyms: c.i. pigment black 11; c.i. 77489; c.i. 77499; anthracite black; apc 195; aqi 9104; ariabel black 300401; ash black; basf 346; bengara kn 320; bk 5500; bk 5599; bl 100; black 318; black 390h; black bk 5599; black iron oxide; black oxide; black oxide of iron; ferrite black; ferroso-ferric black; german earth; heavy metal; intense black; iron black; iron oxide; iron oxide black; italian black roman earth; lunar black; magnetic black; magnetic black s 0045; magnetic oxide; magnetic pigment; magnetite genuine; mapico black; mars black; mars black hue magnetite; natural black; natural iron oxide; noir naturel; oxide black; raw umber; rhombehedral magnetite; roman earth; synthetic black oxide; urban grey; vasoxid fekete; vine black description: pigment black 11 / ci 77489 / ci 77499 iron oxide black. cas: 12227-89-3, 1317-61-9, 58339-39-2, 65777-20-0, 65777-22-2 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 235-442-5 producer: lanxess type: pigment group: pigments and its preparates industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
20044BASIC FUCHSINE BL27.0BRDyecode: 20044 name: basic fuchsine bl basisch fuchsin bl bázisos fukszin bl synonyms: basisch fuchsin bl description: basic red dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
25599BEZACRYL RED GTL 200%14097-03-160.0CHT / BezemaBR18, BR33Dyecode: 25599 name: bezacryl red gtl 200% bezacryl rot gtl 200% bezacryl vörös gtl 200% synonyms: c.i. basic red 18; c.i. basic red 33; c.i. 11085; aizen cathilon red gtlh; akoyl red gtl 200%; alka red gtl 200%; apollo cationic red gtl; astrazon red gtl; basacryl red cggs 200% grains; basic red gtl; basic red gtl 200%; catacryl red xgl; cationic red gtl; cationic red gtl 200; cationic red xgtl; cationic red x-gtl; cationic red x-gtl; classic basic red 18; conbasic red am; concordacryl red gtl; daedo cationic red gtl; dycosacryl red x-gtl; kayacryl red gtl; leadacryl red gtl 200%; melacril red gtl; orcozine red gtl; orlamar red gtl; permacryl red 18 200%; permacryl red gtla 200%; permacryl red xggs 200%; red gtl; red gtl; red x-gtl; red x-gtl; rico basic red 2g-ed; rico basic red ggla; rico basic red gtl; rico basic red gtl 200%; rifa cationic red gt; rifa cationic red gtl; sumiacryl red f-gtl; suraj cationic red gtl; taiacryl red gtl-t 200%; triacryl red gtl; viocryl red ggs; yogacryl red gtl; yoracryl red 2g 100% liq.; youhaocryl red gtl 16130; youhaocryl red gtl 16131; bezacryl rot gtl 200% description: basic red 18 / ci 11085 single azo class. cas: 14097-03-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 237-946-0 producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
15082BEZATHREN OLIVE T micro4395-53-324.0CHT / BezemaVBk25Dyecode: 15082 name: bezathren olive t micro bezathren oliv t mikro bezathren olívzöld t mikro synonyms: c.i. vat black 25; c.i. 69525; ahcovat olivet; akavat olive t pdr/pst; amanthrene olive t; anthramar olive t; atic vat olive d; belanthreneolive t; benzadone olive t; calcoloid olive t; calcoloid olive tcc; calcoloid olive tl; caledon olive d; carbanthrene olive t; carvat olive t; cibanon olive s; cibanone olive fs; cibanone olive s; cibanone olive srr; convat black be; dormanthren olive r; dycosthren olive t; fabrivat olive r; fenanthren olive t 3r; hebeithrene olive t; helanthrene olive t; helanthreneolive bt; indanthren olive t; indanthrene olive ht coll; indanthrene olive t; indanthrene olive t 3r; indonon olive t; intravat olive s; mayvat olive t; miketheme olive t; mikethrene olive t; navinon olive t; navinon olive t pst; nihonthrene olive t dis. pdr.; novatic olive d; nyanthrene olive t; palanthrene olive t; palanthrene olive tr; patcovat olive t; permavat oiive ts; permavat olive t; pernithrene olive t; ponsol olive tr; romantrene olive ft; romantrene olive t; roycevat olive ar; sandothrene liquid olive nt; sandothrene olive nt; solanthrene olive r; solanthrene olive t; tinon olive s; trianthrene olive t; tyrian olive i-t; vat black 25 100/280%; vat black t; vat grey 2z; vat olive colloiso; vat olive green t; vat olive gt; vat olive t; vat olive tp; vatblack 280%; xuzhou vat black 25; anthra[2,1,9-mna]naphth[2,3-h]acridine-5,10,15(16h)-trione,3-(1-anthraquinonylamino)-; bezathren oliv t mikro description: vat black 25 / ci 69525 anthraquinone class. cas: 4395-53-3, 51609-92-8, 182893-26-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 224-519-9 producer: cht / bezema type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26855CARBOWAX PEG 300E25322-68-31065.0DowPolyethylene glycolcode: 26855 name: carbowax peg 300e carbowax peg 300e synonyms: alkapol peg-200; alkapol peg-300; alkapol peg-600; alkox e 30; alkox e 30g; alkox r 100; alkox r 15; alkox r 400; alkox sw; alkox e 130; aquacalk twb-p; aquaffin; badimol; breox 20m; breox peg 300; carbowax 14000; carbowax 1450; carbowax 1500; carbowax 4500; carbowax e 300; carbowax sentry nf; cartaretin e; cbp 20; cerasol 250a; chemiox e20; gligogum 4000; glycols, polyethylene; h 22; hm 500; hpeo 4250; iw; kleanprep; kpeg 6000; l 6; laprol 1001; polyethylene glycol; polyglykol 200 description: inci: peg-5. it can be used in many applications including printing inks, ceramic and glass production, the treatment of paper, lubricant base, fatty acid ester manufacture, textile conditioner, as a formulation aid in the detergent industry and in the production of polyurethane prepolymers. cas: 25322-68-3 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 500-038-2 producer: dow type: polyethylene glycol group: organic chemicals industry: chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
26769CARMINIO BLUE V129-17-920.0AB1, FB3Dyecode: 26769 name: carminio blue v carminio blau v carminio kék v synonyms: c.i. acid blue 1; c.i. food blue 3; c.i. 42045; 1085 blue; acid blue v; acid bright azure z; acid brilliant blue z; acid brilliant sky blue z; acid patent blue vs; acid pattern blue vs; acid turquoise blue v; alphazurine 2g; azure blue vx; blue urs; blue vrs90147; brilliant blue gs; carmine blue vf; kiton pure bluev.fq; libacid patent blue lvs; patent blue vf; patent blue vf-cf; patent blue violet; simacid blue v; sodium patent blue v; sulfanblue; sumitomo patent pure blue vx; xylene blue vs; [4-[a-[p-diethylamino)phenyl]-2,4-disulfobenzylidene]-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]diethylammoniumhydroxide, inner salt, sodium salt; carminio blau v description: acid blue 1 / ci 42045 triarylmethane class. cas: 129-17-9, 66554-69-6, 81604-53-7, 220750-19-6, 856315-34-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 204-934-1 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
26770CARMINIO MILLING BLUE A3486-30-412.0AB7Dyecode: 26770 name: carminio milling blue a carminio milling blau a carminio milling kék a synonyms: c.i. acid blue 7; c.i. 42080; alphazurine a; aizen brilliant acid blue afh; brilliant acid blue n extra; carminio milling blau a description: acid blue 7 / ci 42080 used to dye wool, silk and nylon in acid or neutral baths. it can also be used to dye leather, paper and inks etc. cas: 3486-30-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 222-476-0 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
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