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NrProduct NameCAS NrkgProducerColour IndexType
29609CERIDUST 3920 F500.0ClariantWaxcode: 29609 name: ceridust 3920 f ceridust 3920 f synonyms: description: micronized, polytetrafluoroethylene modified synthetic wax blend showing excellent scratch resistance, slip performance, and anti-blocking properties. it protects coated finishes from damages and maintains the desired surface appearance of printing inks, wood coatings and powder coatings. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: clariant type: wax group: additives industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
16010CERIDUST 9610 F140.0ClariantScratch resistance additivecode: 16010 name: ceridust 9610 f ceridust 9610 f synonyms: description: polytetrafluoroethylene modified polyethylene wax. recommended for solvent based coatings and inks. it is also very effective in powder coating applications. it is a slip and rub resistance additive in solvent and pasty printing ink systems. in solvent based coatings the micronized wax compound performs as scratch resistance additive and lowers the coefficient of friction (slip). it also improves the abrasion resistance and minimizes metal markings. in powder coatings it is a very effective scratch and abrasion resistance additive which can be easily dispersed in all kind of powder coating systems. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: clariant type: scratch resistance additive group: additives industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
10892CETIOL 767127281-18-922000.0BASFEmollientcode: 10892 name: cetiol 767 cetiol 767 synonyms: description: inci: peg-6 caprylic/capric glycerides. application: shampoos, foam and shower baths, alcohol containing cosmetics, gels, hand cleaning pastes. lipid layer enhancer. cas: 127281-18-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: emollient group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
30378DEHYDOL LS 62470.0BASFSurfactantcode: 30378 name: dehydol ls 6 dehydol ls 6 synonyms: description: fatty alcohol c12-c14 + 6 eo. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: surfactant group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
15882DISPERSE YELLOW 21170528-90-450.0DsY211Dyecode: 15882 name: disperse yellow 211 dispers gelb 211 diszperz sárga 211 synonyms: c.i. disperse yellow 211; c.i. 12755; adis yellow gnl 200%; aililon yellow 4g; akasperse yellow gnl 200%; ambicron yellow s4g; apollon yellow se-4g; balicron yellow 4g; begacron yellow 4g; burcosperse yellow 4gfs; cbene yellow gnl; chemicron yellow 4gnls; chemicron yellow 4gnls; chemilene yellow 4g; disperse yellow 4g; disperse yellow 4gfs; disperse yellow c-4g; disperse yellow c-6g; disperse yellow m-4gl; dispersrite yellow 4g; dispersrite yellow 4ngls; doracet yellow gnl 200%; dorospers yellow gnl 200%; indolene yellow 6gls; kiscolon yellow k4g; kiwalon polyester yellow 4gse; lonsperse disperse yellow m-4gl; orcocilacron yellow 4g 200%; ostacet yellow se-4g; permasil yeilow 4gns; rathilene yellow 4g; rifalon yellow se-4g; samaron yellow gnl; sarasperse yellow 4ge; serene yellow 4ge; seriene yellow 4gn-ls wpc; serilene yellow 4gnls; serilene yellow 4gnls gr.100; serilene yellow 4gnls liq.40; seriplas yellow 4gnls-tp; setapers yellow 4g; sinarlene yellow s4g 200%; sinowide yellow c-4g; spectrum yellow ag 200%; taicron yellow se4gt 200%; terasil yellow 4g; terasil yellow w-4g; triasperse yellow 4g-se; vicoperse yellow c4g; viosperse yellow 4g; widetex yellow c-4g; yellow 4g; yellow c-4g; yellow c-4g 480%; yellow c-4g 480% group; yellow sgd h/conc.; 3-pyridinecarbonitrile, 5-(2-(4-chloro-2-nitrophenyl)diazenyl)-1-ethyl-1,2-dihydro-6-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-oxo-; 3-pyridinecarbonitrile, 5-[(4-chloro-2-nitrophenyl)azo]-1-ethyl-1,2-dihydro-6-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-oxo-; 5-[(4-chloro-2-nitrophenyl)diazenyl]-1-ethyl-6-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-oxo-1,2-dihydro-3-pyridinecarbonitrile; 5-[(4-chloro-2-nitrophenyl)diazenyl]-1-ethyl-6-hydroxy-4-methyl-2-oxo-1,2-dihydropyridine-3-carbonitrile; dispers gelb 211 description: disperse yellow 211 / ci 12755 single azo class. cas: 70528-90-4, 86836-02-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 274-660-5 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
29479DISPERSE RED 167, 150%61968-52-3350.0DsR167Dyecode: 29479 name: disperse red 167, 150% dispers rot 167, 150% diszperz vörös 167, 150% synonyms: c.i. disperse red 167; c.i. 11338; adis rubine 2gfl; akasperse rubine 3bls liq.; allilon red 3brl; apollon rubine s-2gfl; balicron rubine 2gfl; begacron rubine 3sl; chemicron rubine fbl; chromacron rubine 2-gfl; classic disperse red 167 100%; condispr red akl; dark red 2b; desron rubine s-2gfl; dianix red hbsl; disperse red 3bls; disperse red s-2gfl; disperse rubine 2gfl; disperse rubine h-2gfl; disperse rubine h-2gl; disperse rubine s-2gfl; disperse rubine s-2gflr; disperse rubine s-5bl; dispersrite red 3bls; dorospers rubine gfl conc.; dycosperse rubine h-2gl; foron rubine s-2gfl paste; foron rubine s-rln; harisperse red 2b; highlene red 3bls; hispacron red 3bls; indolene rubine bl; intrasil bordeaux 3bs-k; intrasil bordeaux 3bsf; leadisperse rubine 2gfl; lonsperse disperse red s-5bl; lonsperse disperse rubine s-5bl; lumacron rubine 2gfl; lumacron rubine 2gflp; lumacron rubine 2glf; orcocilacron rubine lbn; per masil rubine s-2gfl; permasil red 3bls; permasil rubine s-2g; red 3brl; red s-2gf; rifalon rubine s-2glf; rubine s-2gfl; rubine s-gl; s-2gfl; sinarlene rubine s2gfl 200%; sinowide rubine c-3gn; spectrum dk red 2b; synten red p-3bl; synten red p3bl; taicron rubine sf-2gfl 200%; terilenia rubine fbl; tulasteron fast red b-c; vicoperse dark red 2b; vicoperse rubine bl; widetex rubine c-3gn; youhaodisperse rubine s-gl; ({4-[(e)-(2-chloro-4-nitrophenyl)diazenyl]-3-(propanoylamino)phenyl}imino)diethane-2,1-diyl diacetate; 2-[n-(2-acetoxyethyl)-4-chloro-2-nitro-5-[2-(propionamido)anilino]anilino]ethyl acetate; dispers rot 167, 150% description: disperse red 167 / ci 11338 single azo class. cas: 61968-52-3, 26850-12-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 612-884-0 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
30374DISPERSE RED 364522-75-850.0VR41, DsR364, SR242Dyecode: 30374 name: disperse red 364 dispers rot 364 diszperz vörös 364 synonyms: c.i. disperse red 364; c.i. solvent red 242; c.i. vat red 41; c.i. 73300; antinolo red b; ap red 41; brilliant pink rel; ciba pink b; convat red da; disperse red 364; durindone printing red b; durindone red b; durindone red bp; elbaplast fluorescent red b; fluorescent pink 5b; fluorescent red 3301; fluorescent red 3b; fluorescent red 5b; fluorescent red yjr-i; helindon red bb; isothioindigo; kenawax fluorescent red 3byp; keyplast fluorescent red 5b; keyplast fluoro red 5b; kpsolve red pa; krasol pink s; neoplas fluo red 5b; oil red 5b; orcovat brilliant pink ffb pst./pdr.; permasil luminous pink 5b; permavat red 5b; plast red d 54; polysolve red 41; red 5b; rosaplast red fv41; samaron brilliant pink 5b; samaron brilliant pink5b; spectrum fluorescent pink 5bn; thioindigo; thioindigo red b; thioindigo red c; tyrian red a 5b; uniprint pink 5b; vat fluorescence 3301; vat fluorescence red 5b; vat red 5b; vat red606; vat yellow 5b; [d2,2'(3h,3'h)-bibenzo[b]thiophene]-3,3'-dione; dispers rot 364 description: disperse red 364 / ci 73300 thioindigo class. cas: 522-75-8 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 208-336-1 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
27085DISPERSE RED 7316889-10-4500.0DsR73Dyecode: 27085 name: disperse red 73 dispers rot 73 diszperz vörös 73 synonyms: c.i. disperse red 73; c.i. 11116; 2-((4-((2-cyanoethyl)ethylamino)phenyl)azo)-5-nitro-; 2-((p-((2-cyanoethyl)ethylamino)phenyl)azo)-5-nitro-; 2-cyano-4-nitro-4'-(ethyl-2-cyanoethylamino)azobenzene; 2-[2-[4-[(2-cyanoethyl)ethylamino]phenyl]diazenyl]-5-nitro-; 2-[[4-[(2-cyanoethyl)ethylamino]phenyl]azo]-5-nitro-; 2-[[p-[(2-cyanoethyl)ethylamino]phenyl]azo]-5-nitro-; akasperse rubin blf; adis rubine rl; allilon rubine blf; alto disperse rubine gfl 200%; ambicron rubine segfl; apollon rubine se-gfl; artisil rubine gfl; balicron rubine rd-gfl; begacron rubine gfl; brn 1845081; browncron rubine gl 200; c18h16n6o2; cbene rubine gfl; celliton red gfl; chemicron rubine segfl; chemilene rubine se-gfl; chromacron rubine rd-gfl; classic disperse red 73 200%; coldisperse rubine gfl; concordacron rubine g-fl; condispr red lc; desron rubine se-gfl; dianix rubine fg-se; dianix rubine gfl; disperse red se 4rb; disperse red se-gfl; disperse rubin m-gfl; disperse rubin se-4rb; disperse rubin se-gfl; disperse rubin se-gflr; disperse rubin se-gl; disperse rubine ckgfl; disperse rubine gfl; disperse rubine m-gfl; disperse rubine se-gfl; disperse rubine se-gfl 200%; dispersive rubin polyether; dispersrite rubine se-gfl 200%; dorospers rubine gsl; dycosperse rubine m-gfl; fantagen rubine gl; fantagen rubine rl; fantagen-rubine; foron rubine rd-gfl; foron rubine rd-gfl gran; foron rubine se-gfl; foron rubinese-gfl; harisperse rubine gc; hispacron rubine fl; hisperse rubine c-gfl; indolene rubine segfl; intrasil rubine b2r 50% pdr; intrasil rubine ck-gfl; kayalon polyester rubine 3gls; kayalon polyester rubine gl-se; kayalon polyester rubine gl-sese-gfl; kayalon polyester runine gl-se; ls-38668; lumacron rubine g l; lumacron rubine gl; melosperse rubine rdgfl; metrolene rubine gfl 200%; miketon polyester rubine gl; multiter rubine gfl; orcocilacron rubine ksf; ostacet rubin se-lb; ostacet rubine se-lb; palanil rubine fl; permasil red 73 200%; permasil rubine ck-gfl 100%; permasil rubine gfl; permasil rubine gl-sd 200%; permasil rubine glf-b; permasil rubine rdgfl; rathilene rubine fgl; red se-gfl; red se-gfl 480%; rifalon rubine se-gl 200; rubine fl; rubine se-gfl; samaron red hbl; serene rubine gfl; serilene rubine 3g-ls 200; setapers rubine rd-gfl; sinarlene rubine segfl; sinowide rubine f-l; spectrum rubine 2g; sumikaron rubine se-gl; sumikaron rubine se-gl extra conc.; sumikaron rubine se-gl; synten rubine p-gl; taincron rubine se-glnt 200%; terenix rubine fgl; terilenia rubine fl; tersetile rubine rl; triasperse rubine fgl-se; tulasteron fast rubine g-c; vicoperse rubine segfl; widetex rubine f-l; youhaodisperse rubine se-gfl 15336; dispers rot 73 description: disperse red 73 / ci 11116 single azo class. cas: 16889-10-4, 67426-80-6, 12270-46-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 240-923-8 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
9188SULPHUR BLACK BR 200% powder1326-82-515000.0SuBk1Dyecode: 9188 name: sulphur black br 200% powder schwefel schwarz br 200% pulver kénes fekete br 200% por synonyms: c.i. sulphur black 1; c.i. 53185; akasulfur black b; asphalen sulphur black s; atul sulphur black grains extra; atul sulphur black grains og; atul sulphur black gxe; atul sulphur black gxr; burcosol black 4ge liquid; burcosol black 4gexm; consulfr black a; diresul black p; diresul liquid black pdk; duasyn thiocarbon cmr; duasyn thiocarbon ga; duasyn thiocarbon lp; dycosulfur black b; dycosulphur black bn; dycosulphur black br; eclipse blackbg; fenoxyl black rd; immedial blackgn; immedial carbon b; immedial carbon bo; immedial carbon cmr; kayaku sulphur black 3b; kayaku sulphur black b; kayaku sulphur black bx 200 flakes; pamafren black b-1; pat-ecosul black j-ns; patco aquasol black rs; patco denim black 2000 liq.; patcosul black 4rb liq.; patcosul black b-4g liq.; pirocard black pse; rico sulphur black g liq.; rifa sulphur black bcr; rifa sulphur black bkr; rifa sulphur black br 200; rifa sulphur black extra; shangdasulfur black bn; shanxi sulphur black br 200%; sulfiir black bn; sulfur black 1; sulfur black br; sulfur black g pdr; sulfur black t; sulphol blackb 150; sulphon black brs; sulphon black e g b; sulphur black; sulphur black 2br; sulphur black b; sulphur black b 521; sulphur black b r; sulphur black b r 522; sulphur black b2rn; sulphur black bn; sulphur black br; sulphur black brn; sulphur black bt; sulphur black enia p; sulphur black g; sulphur black gpd; sulphur black hd; sulphur black la; sulphur black pan; sulphur black rn; sulphur black sb; sulphur leather black r; phenol, 2,4-dinitro-, sulfurized; schwefel schwarz br 200% pulver description: sulphur black 1 / ci 53185. cas: 1326-82-5 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 215-444-2 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
30379KOLLIDON VA 6425086-89-91365.0BASFTabletting aidcode: 30379 name: kollidon va 64 kollidon va 64 synonyms: kolima 35; luviskol va 281; gantron pvp; kolima 75; gaf-s 630; vinylpyrrolidinone-vinyl acetate copolymer; gantron s 860; luviskol va 73; vinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate copolymer; 2-pyrrolidinone, 1-ethenyl-, polymer with ethenyl acetate; vinyl acetate-n-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone copolymer; luviskol va 64p; vinyl acetate-vinylpyrrolidone polymer; s 630; polectron 845; acetic acid ethenyl ester, polymer with 1-ethenyl-2-pyrrolidinone; vinyl acetate-n-vinylpyrrolidone polymer; luviskol 73w; pvp-va; vinyl acetate-vinylpyrrolidinone copolymer; e 635 (polymer); acetic acid ethenyl ester,polymers,polymer with 1-ethenyl-2-pyrrolidinone; ethenyl acetate, polymer with 1-ethenyl-2-pyrrolidinone; copolyvidon; ganex e 535; plasdone s 630; 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone-vinyl acetate copolymer; luviskol va 28e; luviskol va 64; luviskol va 37e; vinyl acetate-n-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone copolymer; i 635; i 535; acetic acid vinyl ester, polymer with 1-vinyl-2-pyrrolidinone; vinyl acetate-vinylpyrrolidone copolymer; luviskol 73e; e 335 (polymer); luviskol va 28 i; eukaline 480; pvp-va-e 735; pvp/va-s 630; vinylpyrrolidone-vinyl acetate polymer; ethenyl acetate; 1-ethenylpyrrolidin-2-one; luviskol va 55; r 219 (vinyl polymer); vinyl acetate-n-vinylpyrrolidinone copolymer; acetic acid, ethenyl ester, polymer with 1-ethenyl-2-pyrrolidinone; poly(1-vinylpyrrolidone-co-vinyl acetate) description: inci: vp/va copolymer. white or slightly yellowish, free-flowing powder with a faint characteristic odor and practically no taste. it readily dissolves in all hydrophilic solvents. solutions of more than 10 % concentration can be prepared in water, ethanol, isopropanol, methylene chloride, glycerol and propylene glycol. it is less soluble in ether, cyclic, aliphatic and alicyclic hydrocarbons. cas: 25086-89-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 607-540-1 producer: basf type: tabletting aid group: binders industry: pharmaceutical industry
30380KOLLIPHOR CSL380.0BASFSelf emulsifying basecode: 30380 name: kolliphor csl kolliphor csl synonyms: lanette sx pharma description: inci: cetearyl alcohol (and) sodium lauryl sulfate (and) sodium cetearyl sulfate. sodium dodecyl sulfate, sulfuric acid, mono-c16-18-alkyl esters, sodium salts) is a cgmp pharmaceutical grade excipient that is a self-emulsifying mixture of emulsifier and consistency factors for simplified preparation of a skin cream base. as an emulsifier it is suitable for lotions & creams and as a consistency factor it can be used in lotions, creams, ointments and gels. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: self emulsifying base group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
29976LUTENSOL AT 18 20%1200.0BASFEmulsifiercode: 29976 name: lutensol at 18 20% lutensol at 18 20% synonyms: description: fatty alcohol c16-18 + 18 mol eo (20%). nonionic surfactant, approximately 20% active, it is alkyl polyethylene glycol ether made from a linear, saturated c16c18 fatty alcohol with 18 moles of ethylene oxide. it is a high-performance surfactant with low toxicity, great emulsification, dispersion, wetting and compatibilizing properties. used for: emulsifier concentrates, emulsions (oil and water), suspension concentrates, microemulsions, oil dispersions, and suspo-emulsions. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: emulsifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
30381MIAMI L 95137-16-64830.0MiwonSurfactantcode: 30381 name: miami l 95 miami l 95 synonyms: n-lauroylsarcosine sodium salt, n-lauroyl-n-methylglycine sodium salt, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, sodium lauroylsarcosine, crodasinic ls 95, firet l, gardol, hamposyl l30, medialan ld, oramix l30, sarcosinate ln, secosyl, sarkosyl, soypon slp; n-methyl-n-(1-oxodecyl)glycine; sodium n-lauroyl sarcosinate description: inci: sodium lauroyl sarcosinate. it is widely used as a foaming agent in dental care preparations, especially in toothpastes. this product combines a good cleansing action with relatively weak degreasing. therefore, when manufacturing hair shampoos and body cleansing products, it is best combined as mild co-surfactant with alkyl ether suphates. it offers excellent foam boosting and solubilizing properties. this product is recommended for soaps, detergents, facial cleansing creams, foam wash, hair shampoos, pet shampoos, body shampoos, and bathing materials. cas: 137-16-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: miwon type: surfactant group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
30382NANOPOL C 7502950.0EvonikScratch resistance additivecode: 30382 name: nanopol c 750 nanopol c 750 synonyms: description: it shows very high performance in scratch- and abrasion-resistance without influencing the gloss or transparency of waterborne coatings. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: evonik type: scratch resistance additive group: additives industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
18619PLURONIC P 1231428.0BASFSurfactantcode: 18619 name: pluronic p 123 pluronic p 123 synonyms: description: eo/po block copolymer surfactant. difunctional block copolymer surfactant terminating in primary hydroxyl groups. 100 % active. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: surfactant group: surfactants & additives industry: metal & electronic industry chemical, building, glass, ceramics & paper
29006PROTECTOL GL NON BPR107-22-25200.0BASFBiocidecode: 29006 name: protectol gl non bpr protectol gl non bpr synonyms: biformyl; sell glyoxal; glyoxylaldehyde; diformyl; glyfix cs 50; permafresh 114; glyoxal, biformyl, oxalaldehyde; daicel gy 60; gohsezal p; oxaldehyde; oxalaldehyde; ethanedial; glyoxal 40%; glyoxal, 29.2%; glyoxal solution; glyoxal water solution 30% description: glyoxal 40%. used in the formulation of disinfectants for hard surfaces, animalhusbandry and sanitizers usually in combination with other active ingredients. glyoxal shows a wide range of activities, e.g. as a versatile crosslinker, as an intermediate for organic syntheses, as a biocide, and as a scavenger for a diverse range of nucleophiles. cas: 107-22-2, 83513-30-8 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 203-474-9 producer: basf type: biocide group: organic chemicals industry: feed, fertilizer & plant protection household & cosmetics
24502PVP K-909003-39-845.4AshlandPVPcode: 24502 name: pvp k-90 pvp k-90 synonyms: crospovidone; polivinil pirrollidon; polyvinylpyrrolidone; povidone description: inci: polyvinylpyrrolidone. stable, water-soluble polyvinylpyrrolidone that meets usp, ph. eur. and jp pharmacopoeia specifications. it can be effectively used to bind and remove stains in several oral care applications. mw ca. 1 300 000. cas: 9003-39-8 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 618-363-4 producer: ashland type: pvp group: binders industry: food, beverages & pharma household & cosmetics
8623REACTIVE BLACK WNN4425.0RBkDyecode: 8623 name: reactive black wnn reaktiv schwarz wnn reaktív fekete wnn synonyms: reaktiv schwarz wnn description: reactive black mix dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
24335REACTIVE BLUE 198124448-55-12500.0RB198Dyecode: 24335 name: reactive blue 198 reaktiv blau 198 reaktív kék 198 synonyms: c.i. reactive blue 198; active blue hegn 125%; akreact blue hegn; ambifix blue hegn; apollocion blue h-egn; best reactive blue hegn; chromafix blue hf-gn; dinactive blue hegn; drimaren blue x-bln p; drimarene blue x-bln; dyactive blue gn; dycosactive blue ke-gn; evercion blue h-egn; indofix blue hergi; itofix brilliant blue ctgn; mvactive blue hegn; orco reactive blue ign 125%; procion blue h-egn; procion blue h-egn 125; procion blue h-exl; procion brilliant blue h-egn; reactive blue ke-gn; reactive brilliant blue ke-gn; reactofix blue segni; reactron blue hegn; rite reactive blue hegn 125%; simactive blue 25022; triacion blue se-gn; youhaoreactive brill. blue ke-gn 7658; hexasodium 6,13-dichloro-3,10-bis[[2-[[4-chloro-6-[(2,4-disulphonatophenyl)amino]-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl]amino]ethyl]amino]triphenodioxazine-4,11-disulphonate; reaktiv blau 198 description: reactive blue 198 triphenodioxazine class. cas: 124448-55-1, 84434-51-5 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 602-995-2 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
17905REACTIVE YELLOW 1525664-81-71450.0RY15Dyecode: 17905 name: reactive yellow 15 reaktiv gelb 15 reaktív sárga 15 synonyms: c.i. reactive yellow 15; active yellow rgr; akreact yellow r-gr; assoflx yellow gr; benzactiv yellow v-gr 133; cavalite yellow gr; chromaflx yellow gr; diamira yellow gr; indofix yellow vgri; intracron yellow vs-gr; kemazol yellow gr; kp zol yellow grn; mohizol yellow gr; myactive yellow gr; orco reactive yellow rgr 110%; ostatin yellow vgr; ostazin yellow v-gr; primazin yellow grl; reactive yellow gr; reactive yellow kn-gr; reactofix supra yellow hgrl; reactron yellow gr; remazol yellow gr; rite reactive yellow gr 110%; sumifix yellow gr special; triactive yellow gr; reaktiv gelb 15 description: reactive yellow 15 single azo class. cas: 25664-81-7, 12226-47-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 247-170-4 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
30373REACTIVE YELLOW 186, 150%84000-63-5370.0RY186Dyecode: 30373 name: reactive yellow 186, 150% reaktiv gelb 186, 150% reaktív sárga 186, 150% synonyms: c.i. reactive yellow 186; assofix supra yellow 4gl; meactive yellow f4g; reactive brilliant yellow ed-3g; reactofix yellow me4gl; reactron supra yellow f4g; benzenesulfonicacid,2-[[5-(aminocarbonyl)-1-ethyl-1,6-dihydro-2-hydroxy-4-methyl-6-oxo-3-pyridinyl]azo]-4-[[4-chloro-6-[[3-[[2-(sulfooxy)ethyl]sulfonyl]phenyl]amino]-1,3,5-triazin-2-yl]amino]-,disodium salt; reaktiv gelb 186, 150% description: reactive yellow 186 azo class. cas: 84000-63-5 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 281-619-5 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
30376REACTIVE YELLOW PF1450.0RYDyecode: 30376 name: reactive yellow pf reaktiv gelb pf reaktív sárga pf synonyms: reaktiv gelb pf description: reactive yellow mix dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
30377REACTIVE NAVY BLUE RGB1200.0RBDyecode: 30377 name: reactive navy blue rgb reaktiv marineblau rgb reaktív tengerészkék rgb synonyms: reaktiv marineblau rgb description: reactive blue mix dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
4826REACTIVE RED 12061951-82-4100.0RR120Dyecode: 4826 name: reactive red 120 reaktiv rot 120 reaktív vörös 120 synonyms: c.i. reactive red 120; c.i. 292775; active red he3b; adiactive red he3b; akreact brilliant red 4ge; ambiflx red he3b; apollocion red h-e3b; assofix red he3b; basacid red 510; basacid red nb 510; basilen red e-b; best reactive red he3b; brilliant red he-3b; brilliant red ke-3b; britactive red he3b; chemictive red he3b; chromafix red he-3b; chromative red ht-3b; cibacron brilliant red 4g-e; cibacron brilliant red 4ge; cibacron red 4g-e; cibacronred 4g-e01; classic reactive red 120; conreact red abo; cosmoactive red he3b; cotfix red he3b; dinactive red he3b; drimarene brilliant red a-4g; dyactive red 3b; dycosactive brilliant red ke-3b; dyetron red he3g; evercion red h-e 3b; evercion red h-e3b; fastusol red 53 l; fastusol red 53l; hariactive red he3b; helaktyn red de-bn; indocron red he3b; indofix red he3bi; intracron brill. red 4ge; intracron brilliant red 4g-e; intracron brilliant red 4g-e wj; intracron brilliant red e-3b; intracron red e-3b; itofix red ct3b; jakofix brilliant red he3b; kayacion red e-s 3b; kayacion red e-s3b; libactive red lhe3b; meactive red he3b; monaryl red he3b; mvactive red he3b; orco reactive red i-3b; permabril red 4ge; permabril red he3b; permabril red he3b-fc; pidictive red he3b; polkative red ht-3b; procion brilliant red h-e 3b; procion red h-e 3b; procion red h-e3b; procion red he3b; procion red mx 3b; ramacion red he3b; reactive brill red ke-3b; reactive brill. red he3b; reactive brill. red ke-3b; reactive brilliant red ke-3b; reactive brilliant red ke-4b; reactive red he-3b; reactive red he3b; reactive red ke-38; reactive red ke-3b; reactive red meb; reactofix brilliant red se3bi; reactron red he3b; red a; red he-3b; red he3b; red he3bl ?; red ke-3b; rifacion red h-e3b; rite reactive brill red 4ge; rite reactive red he3b; serifix red he3b; simactive red 24990; sinarcion red he-3b; suncion red h-e/el 3r; sunfix red he-3b; superactive red he3b; taifix red he3bt; triacion red se-3b; viactive red he3b; vicoactive red he3b; vilmafix red 3b-he; youhaoreactive brilliant red ke-3b; 1-naphthol-3,6-disulfonicacid,8,8'-[p-phenylenebis[imino(6-chloro-s-triazine-4,2-diyl)imino]]bis[2-(o-sulfophenylazo)-; 2,7-naphthalenedisulfonic acid,4,4'-[1,4-phenylenebis[imino(6-chloro-1,3,5-triazine-4,2-diyl)imino]]bis[5-hydroxy-6-[(2-sulfophenyl)azo]-; reaktiv rot 120 description: reactive red 120 / ci 292775 double azo class. cas: 61951-82-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 263-351-0 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
24364REACTIVE RED 19593050-79-4225.0RR195Dyecode: 24364 name: reactive red 195 reaktiv rot 195 reaktív vörös 195 synonyms: c.i. reactive red 195; adifix red f3bl; akreact red hf2b; assofix supra red hfbb; chromazol red e-2b; cotfix red me3bl; dinafix red me3bl; evermax magenta sf-b; everzol supra brilliant red f2b; inactive red s-2b; indofix red me3bi; intracron red bf-2b; itofix brilliant red vm2b; jupiter red me4bl; kiscozol red hf-3b; monaryl red me3bl; pidictive red bf 194; ratnafix red me3bl; reactive brill. red m-2be; reactive brilliant red m-2b; reactive brilliant red m-2be; reactive red m-2bf; reactive red m-3be; reactive red me-4bl; reactive red me3bl; reactron supra red f2b; red f3bl; red m-2be; red me-3b; red me3bl; simactive red 24995; sumifix supra brilliant red 2bf; sumifix supra red 3bf; sunfix supra red s 3b-spe; synozol red hf-3b; vicoactive red me3bl; vilmafix red rr-2b; reaktiv rot 195 description: reactive red 195 single azo class. cas: 93050-79-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 618-900-2 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
18148ACID YELLOW 176359-98-4500.0AY17, FY5Dyecode: 18148 name: acid yellow 17 säure gelb 17 savas sárga 17 synonyms: c.i. acid yellow 17; c.i. food yellow 5; c.i. 18965; c.i. 13075; 1437 yellow; acid brilliant yellow 2g; acid fast yellow 2g; acidfast yellow 2gl; acid leather yellow 2gl; acid light yellow 2g; acid yellow 17; acid yellow 2g; acidic light yellow 2g; acidine fast yellow 2gd; amacid fastlight yellow g; amacid light yellow 2g; ambicid yellow 2g; apocid light yellow2gx; apollo nylon fast light yellow 2g; belacid fast light yellow 2g; best acidlight yellow 2g; bucacid light yellow 2g; calcocid fast yellow 2g; cetil light yellow 2g; colocid light fast yellow 2g; conacid yellow al; concorde acid yellow gc; concorde leather yellowgcs; covanyl light yellow 2g; covasol yellow w 1007; daiwa acid yellow 2g; diacid light yellow 2g; dinacid fast yellow 2g; dinacid light fast yellow 2g; dyacid yellow 2g; dycosacid brilliant yellow 2g; dynacid yellow 2g; egacidyellow 3g; erio fast flavine 3g; erio flavine sx; erio yellow2g; everacid light yellow gc; fabracid yellow s 2gl; fast light yellow 2g; fastlight yellow 5gl; fast light yellow 6gl; fast light yellow g 2x; fast lightyellow ggxn-cf; fast light yellow silk special; fast yellow 2g; fastlite yellow2g; fenalan yellow g; hexacol yellow 2g; hidacid lightyellow 2g; ichoacid yellow g; indacid yellow 2g; intracid fast yellow 2gl; javalight yellow 2gn; kca fast light yellow 5gl; kayacyl yellow gc; kayacyl yellowgg; kayaku acid fast yellow gg; kemacid yellow 2g; kiton fast yellow 2gl; lightacid yellow 2g; light fast yellow 2g; lighthouse fast yellow 2g; lissamine fastyellow 2g; lissamine yellow 2g; lissamine fast yellow; metamine fast lightyellow 2gx; mitsui acid fast yellow g; mitsui acid fast yellow g conc.; multacid yellow 2g; nsc 324981; nankai fast light yellow 2g; naphthazine light yellow 2g; neran brilliant yellow 2g; new lemon embl; säure gelb 17 description: acid yellow 17 / food yellow 5 / ci 18965 / ci 13075 single azo class. cas: 6359-98-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 228-819-0 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
30375SOLVENT BLUE 136359630-27-675.0SB136Dyecode: 30375 name: solvent blue 136 solvent blau 136 solvent kék 136 synonyms: c.i. solvent blue 136; jet-mate blue 603k; orasol blue 761b; orasol blue bl; solvent blue 2k; solvent blue er; solvent blau 136 description: solvent blue 136 anthraquinone class. cas: 359630-27-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
18226SOLVENT BLUE 7012237-24-075.0SB70Dyecode: 18226 name: solvent blue 70 solvent blau 70 solvent kék 70 synonyms: c.i. solvent blue 70; aizen spilon blue 2bnh; akasol blue oa; blue 2606; blue hl; bricosol blue k2gv; duasyn blue a-g-vp 279; holsol blue gl; kayaset blue k-fl; keyplast blue 6g; meco fast blue bl-06; meco fast blue bl-06-c; meco fast blue bl-612; meco fast blue bl-612-c; metaplex blue bl; neo super blue c 555; neopen blue 807; neopen blue 808; neozapon blue 807; neozapon blue fle; oil blue 606; oil blue 615; oil blue 820; orasol blue gl; orgalon blue 606; orgalon blue 606-t; polysolve blue 70; rathipon blue gl; rosafast blue m3g; simpsol blue 24322; solvent blue gl; solvent blue hl; technosol blue gl; valifast blue 2606; zapon blue 807; solvent blau 70 description: solvent blue 70 phthalocyanine class. dyestuff, soluble in most solvents, very brilliant and have a good stability. easily soluble in a mixture of 80% ethyl alcohol, 5% water and 15% methoxypropanol (pm). for most applications 1-5 g are sufficient for 1 liter. the main applications in coatings are furniture stains, transparent finishes and effect finishes. with aluminium pigments or other effect pigments opens up numerous possibilities for designing bicycle and motor-cycle effect finishes. cas: 12237-24-0, 90598-78-0, 210106-35-7, 259185-78-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 602-674-7 producer: type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
30383TEGO DISPERS 65114000.0EvonikWetting and dispersingcode: 30383 name: tego dispers 651 tego dispers 651 synonyms: description: pigment-wetting and dispersing additive. it is a yellowish to brownish liquid modified polyether with groups of high pigment affinity. it has very good reduction of viscosity and is solvent- and ape-free. it is used for the manufacture of universal colorants, for inorganic and organic pigments and also for architectural paints. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: evonik type: wetting and dispersing group: additives industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
30384TEGO FOAMEX 203000.0EvonikDefoamercode: 30384 name: tego foamex 20 tego foamex 20 synonyms: description: emulsion of a polyether siloxane copolymer, containing fumed silica. acts as a highly efficient defoamer. due to high compatibility, it is suitable for high-gloss formulations. suitable for ecolabel compliant formulations, brush application/roller application and airless spraying. used in architectural paints and floor coatings. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: evonik type: defoamer group: additives industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
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