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NrProduct NameCAS NrkgProducerColour IndexType
193302-DIMETHYLAMINOETHANOL solution 50%108-01-0910.0Neutralizing agentcode: 19330 name: 2-dimethylaminoethanol solution 50% 2-dimethylaminoethanol 50%ige lösung 2-dimetilamino-etanol oldat 50% synonyms: (2-hydroxyethyl)dimethylamine; (dimethylamino)ethanol; (n,n-dimethylamino)ethanol; 2-(dimethylamino)ethanol; 2-(dimethylamino)ethyl alcohol; 2-(n,n-dimethylamino)ethanol; amietol m 21; dimethyl(2-hydroxyethyl)amine; dimethyl(hydroxyethyl)amine; dimethylethanolamine; dimethylmonoethanolamine; n,n-dimethyl(2-hydroxyethyl)amine; n,n-dimethyl-2-aminoethanol; n,n-dimethyl-n-(b-hydroxyethyl)amine; n,n-dimethyl-b-hydroxyethylamine; n-(2-hydroxyethyl)-n,n-dimethylamine; n-(2-hydroxyethyl)dimethylamine; b-dimethylaminoethyl alcohol; b-hydroxyethyldimethylamine; dmea; dmae; 2-dimethylaminoethanol 50%ige lösung description: neutralizing agent. cas: 108-01-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 203-542-8 producer: type: neutralizing agent group: additives industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
28376ACEMATT HK 450300.0EvonikSilicacode: 28376 name: acematt hk 450 acematt hk 450 synonyms: description: untreated, coarse particle sized precipitated silica. it is especially recommended for coil coatings, as well as general industrial coatings. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: evonik type: silica group: extenders & functional fillers industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
28129AGNIQUE AMD 3 L (LOXANOL MI 6470)17100.0BASFSolventcode: 28129 name: agnique amd 3 l (loxanol mi 6470) agnique amd 3 l (loxanol mi 6470) synonyms: loxanol mi 6470 description: diemthylamide of natural lactic acid. bio-based, biodegradable, label-free polar, protic solvent. strong solvency power. it is particularly suitable for use as a paint stripper, cleaning solvent or compatibilizer. additionally, it can be used as a coating additive to improve adhesion on plastic substrates. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: solvent group: solvents industry: feed, fertilizer & plant protection paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
25447AQUALON EC-N100 PHARM9004-57-3143.0AshlandThickenercode: 25447 name: aqualon ec-n100 pharm aqualon ec-n100 pharm synonyms: description: ethylcellulose. viscosity 80 - 105 mpas. cas: 9004-57-3 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 618-384-9 producer: ashland type: thickener group: cellulose and derivatives industry: food, beverages & pharma
28356AQUPEC SW 705E774.0SumitomoRheology modifiercode: 28356 name: aqupec sw 705e aqupec sw 705e synonyms: description: inci: carbomer. water-soluble cross-linked acrylic polymer. it featurs excellent thickening effects even at low resin concentration in water and alcohol. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: sumitomo type: rheology modifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
28385ARLACEL 481120.0CrodaEmulsifiercode: 28385 name: arlacel 481 arlacel 481 synonyms: description: inci: sorbitan oleate (and) hydrogenated castor oil (and) beeswax (and) stearic acid. waxy w/o emulsifier preparations for high viscosity creams such as baby creams with zno. used in baby care, facial care and sun care. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: croda type: emulsifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
28371BASILEN RED EB61951-82-45.0BASFRR120Dyecode: 28371 name: basilen red eb basilen rot eb basilen vörös eb synonyms: c.i. reactive red 120; c.i. 292775; active red he3b; adiactive red he3b; akreact brilliant red 4ge; ambiflx red he3b; apollocion red h-e3b; assofix red he3b; basacid red 510; basacid red nb 510; basilen red e-b; best reactive red he3b; brilliant red he-3b; brilliant red ke-3b; britactive red he3b; chemictive red he3b; chromafix red he-3b; chromative red ht-3b; cibacron brilliant red 4g-e; cibacron brilliant red 4ge; cibacron red 4g-e; cibacronred 4g-e01; classic reactive red 120; conreact red abo; cosmoactive red he3b; cotfix red he3b; dinactive red he3b; drimarene brilliant red a-4g; dyactive red 3b; dycosactive brilliant red ke-3b; dyetron red he3g; evercion red h-e 3b; evercion red h-e3b; fastusol red 53 l; fastusol red 53l; hariactive red he3b; helaktyn red de-bn; indocron red he3b; indofix red he3bi; intracron brill. red 4ge; intracron brilliant red 4g-e; intracron brilliant red 4g-e wj; intracron brilliant red e-3b; intracron red e-3b; itofix red ct3b; jakofix brilliant red he3b; kayacion red e-s 3b; kayacion red e-s3b; libactive red lhe3b; meactive red he3b; monaryl red he3b; mvactive red he3b; orco reactive red i-3b; permabril red 4ge; permabril red he3b; permabril red he3b-fc; pidictive red he3b; polkative red ht-3b; procion brilliant red h-e 3b; procion red h-e 3b; procion red h-e3b; procion red he3b; procion red mx 3b; ramacion red he3b; reactive brill red ke-3b; reactive brill. red he3b; reactive brill. red ke-3b; reactive brilliant red ke-3b; reactive brilliant red ke-4b; reactive red he-3b; reactive red he3b; reactive red ke-38; reactive red ke-3b; reactive red meb; reactofix brilliant red se3bi; reactron red he3b; red a; red he-3b; red he3b; red he3bl ?; red ke-3b; rifacion red h-e3b; rite reactive brill red 4ge; rite reactive red he3b; serifix red he3b; simactive red 24990; sinarcion red he-3b; suncion red h-e/el 3r; sunfix red he-3b; superactive red he3b; taifix red he3bt; triacion red se-3b; viactive red he3b; vicoactive red he3b; vilmafix red 3b-he; youhaoreactive brilliant red ke-3b; 1-naphthol-3,6-disulfonicacid,8,8'-[p-phenylenebis[imino(6-chloro-s-triazine-4,2-diyl)imino]]bis[2-(o-sulfophenylazo)-; 2,7-naphthalenedisulfonic acid,4,4'-[1,4-phenylenebis[imino(6-chloro-1,3,5-triazine-4,2-diyl)imino]]bis[5-hydroxy-6-[(2-sulfophenyl)azo]-; basilen rot eb description: reactive red 120 / ci 292775 double azo class. cas: 61951-82-4 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 263-351-0 producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
8595BASILEN GREEN F-6B 9512236-90-719.0BASFRB38Dyecode: 8595 name: basilen green f-6b 95 basilen grün f-6b 95 basilen zöld f-6b 95 synonyms: c.i. reactive blue 38; akreact green 6b; akreact green 6b 200%; alpazol green 6b; diamira brilliant green 6b; helaktyn green 6b; mohizol green 6b; reactive blue 38; reactofix green h6bl; reactron green 6b; remazol brilliant green 6b; remazol brilliant green eb; rite reactive blue green 6b; basilen grün f-6b 95 description: reactive blue 38 phthalocyanine class. cas: 12236-90-7 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 602-660-0 producer: basf type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
28386BIOTOLIFE340.0BASFAntidandruff agentcode: 28386 name: biotolife biotolife synonyms: description: inci: yeast ferment extract. sophorolipid derived from fermentation by starmerella bombicola. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: antidandruff agent group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
28387BIOWHITE200.0BASFSkin brightenercode: 28387 name: biowhite biowhite synonyms: description: inci: saxifraga sarmentosa extract (and) vitis vinifera (grape) fruit extract (and) butylene glycol (and) water (and) morus bombycis root extract (and) scutellaria baicalensis root extract (and) disodium edta. plant complex with very high depigmentation effectiveness. active ingredient extracts for a lighter and brighter skin. it is a combination of plant extracts (skullcap, white mulberry, saxifrage, and grapes) combined with powerful reducing agents (sulfites) with a very high depigmenting efficacy. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: skin brightener group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
28264BYK-LP G 23142100.0BYKSurface tension modifiercode: 28264 name: byk-lp g 23142 byk-lp g 23142 synonyms: description: emulsion of a high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: byk type: surface tension modifier group: additives industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
1802CARBOMER 90782642-95-3704.0Rheology modifiercode: 1802 name: carbomer 907 carbomer 907 synonyms: carbopol 907 description: inci: carbomer (polyacrylic acid) uncrossed-linked linear polymer, water soluble. cas: 82642-95-3 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: type: rheology modifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
2693CARBOMER ETD 2020134499-37-95760.0Rheology modifiercode: 2693 name: carbomer etd 2020 carbomer etd 2020 synonyms: carbopol etd 2020; crilat x1815az; cyagard 266; good-rite k 700; good-rite k 702; good-rite k722; good-rite k 752; k-xp 10; k-xp 11; good-rite k-xp 18; good-rite ws 801; good-rite xp 44; good-rite xp 97; gran up pc 121; hf 05; hf05 (acrylic polymer); hl 415; hm 10a; hiprint da; hiviswako 304; hydroplus; jip500; junlon 10l; junlon 110; junlon ac 10sh; junlon pw 10; junlon pw 110; junlon pw 111; jurymer 108ha; jurymer 10shp; jurymer a 10sl; jurymer ac 10; jurymer ac 103ap; jurymerac 106; jurymer ac 10csh; jurymer ac 10h; jurymer ac 10hp; jurymer ac 10l; jurymer ac 10lh; jurymer ac 10lhp; jurymer ac 10lp; jurymer ac 10m; jurymer ac10mp; jurymer ac 10p; jurymer ac 10sh; jurymer ac 10shp; jurymer ac 10sl; deoxylyte dy-a; diper 1227; dispersant 5027; dispex c 40; duraconecsp; euderm grund 25a; eulysine s; f 443; gc conditioner; ge 1903; gr-f; geropon da; glascol d 15; glascol e 15; glascol e 5; glascol e 7; glascol s 19; good-rite 732; good-rite k 37; acrylicacid, polymers; a 10h; a 10ll; a 10sl; ac 10h; ac 10l; ac 10lhp; ac 10lp; ac 45; aq 2559; aq 3930; as 58; as 7503; ass 2; aw 36; accusol 440; acryl ag1000; acryl ag 1100; acryl ag 1200; acrylic acid homopolymer; acrylic acidpolymer; acrylic acid resin; acrysol a 1; acrysol a 3; acrysol a 5; acrysol ac5; acrysol lmw 20x; acrytex w 240; acumer 1530; acumer 1540; acumer 9932; acusol 445; alcoprint ptf-z 328; alcosperse 409; alcosperse 465; alcosperse602a; alcosperse 602tg; alcosperse 630; aquafeed 600; aqualic as 58; aqualic dl400; aqualic h-as; aqualic hl 321; aqualic hl 415; aqualic hl 580; aqualicr-hl; aquatreat ar 6; aquatreat ar 7h; arasorb 750; arasorb s 100f; arespol; aron 104; aron 10h; aron a 10; aron a 10h; aron a 10ll; aron a 10u; aron a30ll; aron hm 110; bs 2150; bs 960; bs 985; bs 9960; bevaloid 6778; c 480; carbochelate hm 10a; carbopol 340; carbopol 679; carbopol 9402; carbopol 9420; carbopol ex 473; carbopol isx 1794; carboset 515; carboset ga 1594; carboxypolymethylene; coatex de 185; colloid 209; colloids 119/50; carbopol 940 description: inci: acrylates/c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer. specially designed for thickening surfactant systems. an 'easy-to-disperse' cross-linked polyacrylic acid copolymer processed in a toxicologically preferred cosolvent system, it delivers excellent thickening efficiency and suspending capability, long viscous flow and sparkling clarity in gel systems. cas: 134499-37-9 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: type: rheology modifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
27840CARBOPOL 996209195.0LubrizolRheology modifiercode: 27840 name: carbopol 99620 carbopol 99620 synonyms: description: inci: carbomer (polyacrylic acid). brookfield viscosity 0,5 %: 7500 - 15200 cp. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: lubrizol type: rheology modifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
10908CETIOL B105-99-7175.0BASFEmollientcode: 10908 name: cetiol b cetiol b synonyms: description: inci: dibutyl adipate. fast spreading emollient for all cosmetic applications. particularly suitable for suncare formulations due to its solubilizing capacities for crystalline uv filters. cas: 105-99-7 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 203-350-4 producer: basf type: emollient group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
16238CETIOL OE629-82-3165.0BASFEmollientcode: 16238 name: cetiol oe cetiol oe synonyms: octyl ether; 1,1'-oxybisoctane; antar; bis(1-octyl) ether; caprylic ether; cetiol oe; cosmacol oe; di-n-octyl ether; dicaprylyl ether; dioctyl ether; nsc28948; n-octyl ether description: inci: dicaprylyl ether. fast-spreading emollient that is approved by both ecocert and npa. it gives the skin a light, silky feel and is ideal for innovative green formulations without silicones. it is hydrolysis stable and suitable for formulations with a wide ph range. applications for this product include body care, face care, antiperspirants/deodorants, and sun care. cas: 629-82-3 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 211-112-6 producer: basf type: emollient group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
10889CETIOL SN111937-03-2175.0BASFEmollientcode: 10889 name: cetiol sn cetiol sn synonyms: cetearyl isononoate; cetearylisonanoate; cetiol sn; isonansure, c16-18 alkyl ester; isononanoic acid, c16-18-alkyl esters; saboderm csn description: inci: cetearyl isononanoate. traditional, medium spreading emollient for modern cosmetic applications. cas: 111937-03-2 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 601-141-6 producer: basf type: emollient group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
28370CIBACRON BLACK W-NN h.c.7.0HuntsmanRBkDyecode: 28370 name: cibacron black w-nn h.c. cibacron schwarz w-nn h.c. cibacron fekete w-nn h.c. synonyms: cibacron schwarz w-nn h.c. description: reactive black dye. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: huntsman type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
8507CIBACRON YELLOW FN-2R195739-93-648.0CibaRY206Dyecode: 8507 name: cibacron yellow fn-2r cibacron gelb fn-2r cibacron sárga fn-2r synonyms: c.i. reactive yellow 206; cibacron yellow c-2r; cibacron yellow fn-2r; cibacron gelb fn-2r description: reactive yellow 206 double azo class. cas: 195739-93-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: ciba type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
14703CIBACRON YELLOW LS-R h.c.149850-32-818.0CibaRY208Dyecode: 14703 name: cibacron yellow ls-r h.c. cibacron gelb ls-r h.c. cibacron sárga ls-r h.c. synonyms: c.i. reactive yellow 208; cibacron yellow ls-r; 1,5-naphthalenedisulfonicacid,3,3'-[1,3-propanediylbis[imino(6-fluoro-1,3,5-triazine-4,2-diyl)imino[2-(acetylamino)-4,1-phenylene]azo]]bis-,sodium salt; cibacron gelb ls-r h.c. description: reactive yellow 208 double azo class. cas: 149850-32-8 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: ciba type: dye group: dyes industry: textile & leather
24953COLANYL WHITE R 50013463-67-7100.0ClariantPW6Pigment pastecode: 24953 name: colanyl white r 500 colanyl weiß r 500 colanyl fehér r 500 synonyms: c.i. pigment white 6; c.i. 77891; 1385rn 59; 1700 white; anatase; bayertitan r-fd 1; bayertitan r-fk 21; biossido di titanio; brookite; diossidu tat-titanju; dioxyde de titane; dioxyde de titane; ditlenek tytanu; dióxido de titanio; dióxido de titânio; oxid titanicitý; rutil; rutile; tio2; titaandioksiid; titaandioxide; titaanidioksidi; titana dioksids; titandioxid; titania; titanium dioxide; titanium(iv) oxide; titano dioksidas; titanov dioksid; titán-dioxid; titánfehér; colanyl weiß r 500 description: aqueous binder-free pigment preparation of pigment white 6 / ci 77891 titanium dioxide (65%) manufactured without using alkyl phenol ethoxylated (apeo) additives. this aqueous pigment preparation is compatible with water-based low voc and voc-free decorative coatings. cas: 13463-67-7, 1317-80-2, 1317-70-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 236-675-5 producer: clariant type: pigment paste group: pigments and its preparates industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
28447COLANYL BLUE A2R12239-87-1360.0ClariantPB15:1Pigment pastecode: 28447 name: colanyl blue a2r colanyl blau a2r colanyl kék a2r synonyms: c.i. pigment blue 15:1; c.i. 74160:1; jhb-712; acosil blue 151; adycolor blue b; alfa blue; aquadisperse blue; aquaflex blue b; aquapak phthalo blue ab-sch; aquapak phthalo blue ab-su; aquarine blue b; aquatone; basofiex blue 6900; blue emd-526; blue kgr; blue p31sh; blue pec-526; bricofor blue; catulia cyanine l.cs; catulia cyanine t.p; chromofine blue 5026; chromofine blue 5214; chromofme blue 5022; chromofme blue 5028; colanyl blue a2r; cosmenyl blue a2r; cyanine blue mg-7; cyanine blue mh; cyanine blue mr-3; daihan blue 4200; dispers blue 69-0007; duralith blue bo; durasperse blue bc; elite blue 15.1; eljon blue dhl5; endurophthal blue b bt; endurophthal blue bt; epsilon blue lb-502; eupolen blue 69-2001; eutliylen blue 69-2005; euvinyl c blue 69-0202; everbright fast blue phbs 437; fabriperm blue asg; fastogen blue 5050; fastogen blue ar-7h; fastogen blue ar-7m; fastogen blue ar-8h; fastogen blue bm-io; fastogen blue br; fastogen blue gp; fastogen blue ka; fastogen blue rf; fastogen blue rfg; fastogen blue rs; fastusoi p blue 58l; filofrn blue bc; h-d sperse spp blue agh 215; hajfast blue 692; heliogen blue d 6900; heliogen blue k 6902; heliogen blue k 6911 d; heliogen blue l 6900; heliogen blue l 6920; heliogen blue l 6930; heuco blue 501510; hiltasperse blue rs; hostaperm blue a2r; hostaperm blue a4r; hostaperm blue bt-728-d; hostaperm blue bt-729-d; hostasin blue a2r; icholite blue alpha; iragon blue pbl 15-l; irgalite blue bcs; irgazin blue x-3485; irgazin blue x-3627; jhb-713; jhb-714; jhb-716; jhb-750; jupistar blue jg; kenalake blue; kohinoorigment phthalocyanine alfa blue; korfil blue b; krasol blue; langdocyal blue alpha; lionol blue; lonocyanine alpha blue 15:1; lonocyanine blue 3b-151; luconyl blue 6900; luconyl g blue 6900; lufilen blue 69-2005 c4; luprofil blue 69-3005 c4; lutetia cyanine cs 530; magnacryl phthalo blue ab-ux; micranyl blue bca-aq; micranyl blue bca-bq; microdis greenish blue incg; microfast blue 15-ehs; microlen blue bcs; microlen blue bsp; microlen blue bsp-ua; microlith blue gs-t; monastral blue bx-sf; monastral blue csn; monastral blue lbx; monazol blue ren paste; mramorin blue; olimprint blue rbk; oppasin blue 6900; palomar blue b-4707; palomar blue b-4710; palomar blue b-4714; palomar blue b-4806; palomar blue b-4808; palomar blue b-4816; perma pigment phthalocyanine blue 3033; pigmeron alpha blue afp; pigmosol blue 6900; plastol blue b; poloprint blue b-oi-n; polymon blue lb ed fp; purfil blue b-r; pv fast blue a2r; pv fast blue a4r; pv fast blue av; pv fast blue bv; resamine fast blue b; rushpalit blue; rushpalit sky-blue; sanyo cyanine blue; sf blue 2834; sicodop blue 69-0217; sicoflush p blue 6880; sunfast blue 15:1; tabersperse blue 15:1; versal blue asg; versanyl blue n-2b; versanyl blue n-as; versaprint blue 2b; vibracolor blue pbl 15-l; viscopol blue b; vocaflex blue 15:1; vocaplast-l blue 15:1; vocaplast-p blue 15:1; vulcogran-a blue 15:1; vynamon blue csn fw; vynamon blue sa fw; colanyl blau a2r description: pigment blue 15:1 / ci 74160, cu phthalocyanine alpha type paste 40% based on nonionic and / or anionic wetting and dispersing agents and propylene glycol. the product has a pourable and pumpable consistency and is suitable for dosing machines. because of the excellent weathering fastness, it is suitable for interior and exterior use. colourant preparation / copper phthalocyanine pigment , dispersed in propylene glycol and water. used in emulsion paints, aqueous wood varnishes, aqueous wood stains, latices and water-resistant drawing inks. offers very good weathering fastness. cas: 12239-87-1, 55819-50-6 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 235-476-0 producer: clariant type: pigment paste group: pigments and its preparates industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
26362COLANYL PINK E 531980-26-7450.0ClariantPR122Pigment pastecode: 26362 name: colanyl pink e 531 colanyl rosa e 531 colanyl rózsaszín e 531 synonyms: c.i. pigment red 122; c.i. 73915; acosil red 122; acramin scarlet ldcn; aqua hue fuschia; aqua plus magenta paste wr-9525; aquapak quinacridone pink e-su; aquarine fuschia b; aquatone red 122; aritint pink 122; bayplast magenta erv-8655; bayscript magenta vp-sp 25012; bricofor rubine 3bx; cab-o-jet 266; cfr 321; chromofine magenta 6886; chromofine magenta 6887; chromofine magenta rg; colanyl pink e200; colortex red ug 276; colortex red ug 515; cromophtal jet magenta dwq; cromophtal jet magenta dmq; dispercel quinacridone pink e-as; duraprint brilliant fuschia; ecr 184; ecr 185; ecr 187; ep1000; eupolen red 47-9001; fastogen magenta r; fastogen magenta ry; fastogen super magenta r; fastogen super magenta re; fastogen super magenta rg; fastogen super magenta rh; fastogen super magenta rs; fastogen super magenta rts; fastogen super magenta ry; flexiverse magenta 122; flexobrite rubine 2b; flexobrite rubine ad122; foscolor red 122; h-d sperse ic red ag? 510; h-d sperse red ap122; h-d sperse tm red agp 526; hd sperse magenta ad122; hd sperse spa red agr 595; hd sperse u red agp 467; heliocolor-w red 122; hiltasperse pink lbf; hostacopy e 02 m101; hostaperm pink e; hostaperm pink e 02; hostaperm pink e transparent 01; hostaperm pink e-wd; hostaperm pink eb; hostaperm red e-wd; hostaperrn pink eb transparent; hostaprint pink e 32; ink jet magenta e02vp2621; inxel red a 303; kenalake rubine 3bx; ket red 310; keystone jet print micro magenta; kf red 1; lionogen magenta 5790; lionogen magenta r; lionogen magenta 5750; lonacridone pink; magenta qwd 0108; magenta rg; magnacryl quinacridone pink e-u; metrochem organic pigment red no. 12; microdis red i4b; microtint pink e; monazol rubine 3behd paste; monazol rubine 3ben paste; monolite rubine 3b; monolite rubine 3be hd; options magenta; orgapox red 122; orgasil red 122; paliogen red l 4790; permajet magenta e vp 2370; pid sperse magenta epl 22; pigmatex fuchsia bw; pigment red e; pink e 02; polymon red 6b ed; pr 122; predisol pink; proline pl-13 magenta; pv fast pink e; pv fast pink e 01; pv fast pink eb; pv fast pink eb trans; qjd 3122; quinacridone magenta; quinacridone red 1102; quinacridone red 1170; quinacridone red 1171; quinacridone red f; quindo magenta presscake rv-6831; quindo magenta rv 6704; quindo magenta rv 6803; quindo magenta rv 6831; quindo magenta rv-6823; quindo magenta rv-6828; quindo magenta rv-6832; quindo magenta rv-6834; quindo magenta rv-6836; quindo magenta rv-6850; quindo red 1171; quindo magenta rv 6832; red epcf-117; red hpa-117; red pec-117; rv 6828; sandosperse pink e-blte; sunfast magenta 122; sunfast magenta 228-0013; sunsperse magenta 122; toner magenta e 02; toner magenta eb; ultraprint brilliant pink ifb; versaprint red 3b; vocaflex red 122; vocaflex-ep pink 122; vocaflex-r red 122; vocaplast-ep red 122; vocaplast-p pink 122; vocaplast-p red 122; vynamon red 6b fw; w92930; xfast magenta 4790; yorabrite rubine 2b; quino[2,3-b]acridine-7,14-dione,5,12-dihydro-2,9-dimethyl-; colanyl rosa e 531 description: aqueous binder-free pigment preparation of pigment red 122 / ci 73915 quinacridone (20%) manufactured without using alkyl phenol ethoxylated (apeo) additives. this aqueous pigment preparation is compatible with water-based low voc and voc-free decorative coatings. cas: 980-26-7, 16043-40-6, 865272-16-8, 57917-17-6, 308795-57-5, 287098-90-2, 155328-35-1 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 213-561-3 producer: clariant type: pigment paste group: pigments and its preparates industry: paint, coatings, printing inks & adhesives
28388COSMEDIA ACE325.0BASFRheology modifiercode: 28388 name: cosmedia ace cosmedia ace synonyms: description: inci: sodium polyacrylate (and) dicaprylyl carbonate (and) polyglyceryl-3 caprate. rheology modifier. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: rheology modifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
9341COSMEDIA SP9003-04-750.0BASFEmulsifiercode: 9341 name: cosmedia sp cosmedia sp synonyms: description: inci: sodium polyacrylate. emulsifying polymer with stabilizing, thickening and emulsifying properties that gives formulators precise sensorial control, enabling them to achieve light textures, good spreadability, a fresh, pleasant skin feel and good tolerability. applications include face care, sun care, face wash, body care and baby care. cas: 9003-04-7 eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: emulsifier group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
28462DEHSCOFIX PB 2310500.0InnospecPlasticizercode: 28462 name: dehscofix pb 23 dehscofix pb 23 synonyms: description: dipropylene glycol dibenzoate. it is a versatile polar plasticizer for use in a wide range of polar polymers and rubbers. it is an excellent choice for high solvating plasticizer applications such as latex caulks, adhesive, and sealants, coatings and vinyl plastisols. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: innospec type: plasticizer group: additives industry: plastics & rubber
26871DEHYPON GRA1000.0BASFSurfactantcode: 26871 name: dehypon gra dehypon gra synonyms: description: nonionic, low foaming detergent for washing and cleaning industry. preparation based on: alcohols c12-14 and 2-hydroxyethyl-2-hydroxy-c12-14-alkylether, ethoxylated. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: surfactant group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
23045DEHYQUART L 80 T380.0BASFConditioning agentcode: 23045 name: dehyquart l 80 t dehyquart l 80 t synonyms: description: inci: dicocoylethyl hydroxyethylmonium methosulfate (and) propylene glycol. this quaternary compound is mainly used as a conditioning component in hair aftertreatment agents. cas: eu nr/einecs/elincs: producer: basf type: conditioning agent group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
17566DEHYTON K COS61789-40-0440.0BASFSurfactantcode: 17566 name: dehyton k cos dehyton k cos synonyms: 1-propanaminium,3-amino-n-(carboxymethyl)-n,n-dimethyl-, n-coco acyl derivs., hydroxides, innersalts; 1-propanaminium,3-amino-n-(carboxymethyl)-n,n-dimethyl-, n-coco acyl derivs., inner salts; coconut oil amidopropyl betaine; n-(3-cocoamidopropyl)-n,n-dimethyl-n-carboxymethyl betaine; n-(3-cocoamidopropyl)-n,n-dimethyl-n-carboxymethylammonium; n-(cocoamidopropyl)-n,n-dimethyl-n-carboxymethyl ammonium; coco amido betaine description: inci: cocoamidopropyl betaine. this amphoteric surfactant is suited for universal application in surfactant preparations. in combination with anionic surfactants, synergistic effects are achieved which lead to a dermatological improvement of the consumer product. furthermore, the product has excellent foaming properties in hard and soft water. cas: 61789-40-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 263-058-8 producer: basf type: surfactant group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
7935DEHYTON MC61791-32-01000.0BASFSurfactantcode: 7935 name: dehyton mc dehyton mc synonyms: description: well compatible amphoteric surfactant suitable for the application in mild surfactant preparations. in combination with anionic surfactants, synergistic effects are achieved which lead to a dermatologically improved final product. cas: 61791-32-0 eu nr/einecs/elincs: 263-164-4 producer: basf type: surfactant group: surfactants & additives industry: household & cosmetics
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