Ecosystem® colour card

Ecosystem® colour card was developed by CEAC AG using mainly the light shades from Harmony Synthesis® colour card in order to offer cheap selection for paints and plasters sold on the market. There is only need of 1 white base to produce the shades of this card. The light absorbance of the shades in this colour card is low enough not to have a risk of heat shock of the coatings applied on thermo insulation systems. The shades are also very suitable for interior thermo insulation coatings.
Ecosystem® colour card contains altogether 264 shades showing them on 60 pcs of colour pages of 155x45 mm size. The "base section" has 48 pages, 4 pastel shades on each gradually deeper ones, showing them on 45x30 mm area. The last 12 pages show "saturated" middle strong shades, 6 on each ones on 45x18 mm area. The shade codes are equivalent with the ones used on Harmony Synthesis® colour card. The weight of the colour card is 157g.
The shades follow each other in a logical order around the chromatic circle helping the user to select the requested shade easily. The colour blocks are separated with colour separation pages in order to give an easy method to select the requested shade.
The shades of Ecosystem® colour card can be produced using our VERSACOL® TM, VERSACOL® DC and VERSACOL® HP tinting system as well using 8 light- and wheather resistant tinting pastes.
A19-A A19-B A19-C A19-D 1
A17-A A17-B A17-C A17-D 2
B18-A B18-B B18-C B18-D 3
B17-A B17-B B17-C B17-D 4
A16-A A16-B A16-C A16-D 5
A15-A A15-B A15-C A15-D 6
A14-A A14-B A14-C A14-D 7
B15-A B15-B B15-C B15-D 8
A12-A A12-B A12-C A12-D 9
A11-A A11-B A11-C A11-D 10
B12-A B12-B B12-C B12-D 11
B11-A B11-B B11-C B11-D 12
A10-A A10-B A10-C A10-D 13
A9-A A9-B A9-C A9-D 14
B9-A B9-B B9-C B9-D 15
B8-A B8-B B8-C B8-D 16
A5-A A5-B A5-C A5-D 17
A4-A A4-B A4-C A4-D 18
A6-A A6-B A6-C A6-D 19
B6-A B6-B B6-C B6-D 20
A1-A A1-B A1-C A1-D 21
A2-A A2-B A2-C A2-D 22
A3-A A3-B A3-C A3-D 23
B3-A B3-B B3-C B3-D 24
A38-A A38-B A38-C A38-D 25
A37-A A37-B A37-C A37-D 26
B38-A B38-B B38-C B38-D 27
B37-A B37-B B37-C B37-D 28
A36-A A36-B A36-C A36-D 29
A35-A A35-B A35-C A35-D 30
B36-A B36-B B36-C B36-D 31
B35-A B35-B B35-C B35-D 32
A33-A A33-B A33-C A33-D 33
A34-A A34-B A34-C A34-D 34
B33-A B33-B B33-C B33-D 35
B34-A B34-B B34-C B34-D 36
A29-A A29-B A29-C A29-D 37
A30-A A30-B A30-C A30-D 38
A31-A A31-B A31-C A31-D 39
B31-A B31-B B31-C B31-D 40
A25-A A25-B A25-C A25-D 41
A26-A A26-B A26-C A26-D 42
A27-A A27-B A27-C A27-D 43
A28-A A28-B A28-C A28-D 44
A21-A A21-B A21-C A21-D 45
A22-A A22-B A22-C A22-D 46
A23-A A23-B A23-C A23-D 47
A24-A A24-B A24-C A24-D 48
A19-E A18-E A17-E B18-E B19-E B17-E 49
A16-E A15-E A14-E B15-E A13-E B13-E 50
A12-E A11-E A10-E B12-E B11-E B10-E 51
A9-E A8-E A7-E B9-E B8-E B7-E 52
A6-E A5-E A4-E B6-E B5-E B4-E 53
A3-E A2-E A1-E B3-E B2-E B1-E 54
A37-E A38-E B38-E C37-E B37-E C38-E 55
A35-E A36-E B35-E B36-E C35-E C36-E 56
A32-E A33-E A34-E B32-E B33-E B34-E 57
A29-E A30-E A31-E B29-E B30-E B31-E 58
A25-E A26-E A27-E A28-E B26-E B27-E 59
A21-E A22-E A23-E A24-E B22-E B24-E 60
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