Tinting solutions, colour cards, software, tinting machine
pastesWe offer the colouring technology of our Swiss partners CEAC AG for tinting paints, coatings and plasters.
After analysing your product samples in our laboratory we give you a database with formulations for the shades of your colour card. We provide you our BCO Profree software that is able to catalogue and help your tinting.
Our VERSACOL® tinting pastes provide you the most economic tinting solutions for water-based paints, plasters and alkyds. We supply you solution for tinting of industrial paints with using our Harmony Synthesis Colour Card IC-Colours® tinting system. Ten thousands of shades are available in our color library. We offer also colour cards widely used on the market.
Harbil 450 dispenserWe represent Fast & Fluid Management on the Hungarian market. We offer manual and automatic dispensers, shakers and mixers that is scored to be the most reliable ones by our customers.
Choose the reliable quality!
Sales of speciality chemicals
Worlée logoOur partner Worlée Chemie GmbH is a German chemical corporation having more than 167 years old history.
Fine chemicals
Worlée Chemical raw-material
We offer raw-material for paint, laquers, inks and coatings producers:
alkyd-, acrylic-, urethane-, polyester-, epoxyester-, malein- resins; cross- linkers; shellac; paint additives; silicas; catalists; organofilic bentonites; pigments and pigment preparations.
Cosmetics industry
Worlée Cosmetic raw-material
We offer wide range of raw-material for cosmetics, food és pharmaceutical industries: polymers; geling agents; plant extracts; essential oils; Vegetable oils, fats and waxes; active ingredients; aloe vera; pigment dispersions.
Purchasing and Selling Surplus stock of Chemicals
Have you purchased too much of chemicals?
Some of your purchased chemical raw-material become obsolete as changing product lines?
Our company - also using a network of similar activity companies in other countries - has got a wide knowledge about the users of chemicals in various industries and we can give value to your surplus or obsolete stocks. Our company takes into a consignment or - in case of special conditions fulfilled - purchases the stock you offer us.
Give a value to your surplus stocks of chemicals instead of binding working capital and consuming warehouse space and incinerating at the end!
Would you like to purchase good quality chemicals below the market price? In our offer you can find a large selection of chamicals including specialty ones. It is worth-while to browse it!
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Chemicals delivered from our stock

Art Nr.Product nameQualityCAS NrPackagingPackagingProducer
93001ADDITOL XL 121Technical180 kg/metal drumCytec
90611BYK 154Technical25 kg/metal canBYK
88151BYK 300Technical25 kg/metal canBYK
1200Colour Harmony card
93813Denatonium benzoate, granulesTechnical3734-33-610 x 1 kg/carton box1 kg/bottleUPL
90411Dibutyl phthalateTechnical84-74-21 kg/bottleDeza
90105ECOTINT Pink A4-PTechnical980-26-76x1 litres/carton box1 liter/bottleCEAC
90103ECOTINT Red A3-RTechnical84632-65-5, 122390-96x1 litres/carton boxCEAC
90106ECOTINT Violet A5-VTechnical6358-30-11 liter/bottleCEAC
92221EPIKOTE 1007 GX-50Technical200 kg/metal drumMomentive
94407Fluorescein SodiumTechnical518-47-85-20 kg/carton box1 kg/bag
1100Harmony Synthesis card
12010RAL colour card (192 shades)
94602RHODAMINE B, 500%Technical81-88-92-20 kg/carton box1 kg/bottle
95001TROYSAN HS 24Technical52645-53-125 kg/metal can25 kg/metal canTroy
88701VALIREX LITHIUM 2% /D60Technical16577-52-9190 kg/metal drumUmicore
88801VALIREX STRONTIUM 10%/D60Technical2457-02-5190 kg/metal drum25 kg/canUmicore
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