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Skandex 550 1.1 shaker

The Skandex 550 1.1 shaker is the upgraded and improved version of our SK550 shaker. Replacing both the SK550 and SK450, this high-quality shaker incorporates premium brand components and is more operator and service friendly, for instance with its new graphic display and the easily accessible USB connection. The new display is easier to read for the operator and clearly shows each phase of the shaking process. There are 4 programmable shaking times and you can adjust the times even during shaking. We have also added a USB port on the outside of the machine, allowing you to easily connect the shaker directly to the computer of the dispenser. By using the new FFM Maintenance software, you can edit settings, read out information and, if your computer is connected online, perform remote diagnostics. We have added quality components from well-known suppliers, for example the new 750 Watt brushless ABB motor, which offers more power and ensures less wear. The same parts are also used in our range of mixers (GA350, GA450, GA480), meaning that if you use both our shakers and mixers, you need fewer spare parts on stock. The internal sliding door serves a comfort and provides save of space in the workshop. 4 pre-programmed and easily re-programmable mixing time, optional preloaded customer settings. Bi-directional movement is optional. Max. 40 kg product weight, suitable for oval and sqare cans as well. SK550 1.1 designed for medium and high volume paint turnover paint stores, featuring easier operation and premium brand components.
Leírás SK550 1.1
Maximum product weight 40 kg
Minimum can height 6 cm
Maximum can height 45 cm
Maximum can diameter 35 cm
Suitable for oval and square cans Yes
Mixing of multiply cans possible Yes
Footprint 0,51 m2
Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth) 116 x 72 x 61 cm
Machine weight (empty) 190 kg
High/Low clamping detection Yes
Clamping control Current and position control
Machine access Internal sliding door
Entry support roller Yes
Adjustment frame Optional
Graphical display Yes
Timer 4 preset times, easily programmable
Pre-loaded customized software Optional
Bi-directional movement Programmable
Variable speed (slow start) Yes
Shaking speed 680 shakes/minute
Motor type 750W AC 3 phase brushless ABB motor
USB connection Outside easily accessable
Service and diagnostics Via display and/or FFM software
Installation Wheels and feet at bottom
Power supply
On/off switch On the front
Power supply 230/240V 50/60 Hz
Voltage adjustment At order

Documents to view/download for Skandex 550 1.1

Skandex 550 1.1 brochure
Skandex 550 1.1
Skandex 550 1.1 user's manual
Skandex 550 1.1
user's manual
Skandex 550 1.1 spare parts book
Skandex 550 1.1
spare parts book
SK550 1.1 recommended spare parts
SK550 1.1
recommended spare parts

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