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Skandex 350

The SK350 Shaker is Fast & Fluid’s entry model shaker specifically designed for the European market and complies with CE regulations. With its capacity of up to 35 kg it is suitable for all points of sale with a low to medium volume paint turnover. The manual internal sliding door assures the limited use of valuable floor space and the 3 preset timers (with values of 30, 60 and 150 seconds) guarantee an easy operation of the shaker. The SK350: a rugged, reliable and easy to use product at an economical price.

Skandex 550 1.1

The SK550 1.1 Shaker is being designed to replace 2 models of Fast&Fluid shakers (SK 450 és SK 550). It will feature easier operation and premium "A" brand components. Will be equipped with 3 phase brushless, 750 watts AC motor. 6 rib long life belt replaces the earlier 4 rib one. Clamping with 24 V Nidec motor. It will have a better readable graphical display. 4 programmable shake time. To optimize the shaking result of your products and to reduce the shaking time to a minimum, the SK550 is equipped with a fully programmable timer that allows variable speeds and bi-directional shaking. The maximum workload is 40 kg and it can handle both oval and angled cans. The shake time can be increased and decreased during operation. Easy to access the service menu with only pushing 2 buttons. Computer connectivity provides easier serviceability and makes remote monitoring possible.
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